Monday, May 19, 2014

"Who hath measured the ground?"

The collectivist shills at Politico think they have:
Bipartisan support for background checks
GOP voters back immigration reform
Here's the only opinion poll that matters, commie bastards.


Anonymous said...

As Dirty Harry would say:"Mar---Vel---Ous."
More checks; more license restrictions; and more hoops to jump through that solve nothing.
Case in point. Driving. You must have a driver's license. Your vehicle must have a license tag. It must also have insurance and in some places a safety inspection sticker.
Has this reduced the annual number of vehicle fatalities? Nah, it has only enriched the coffers of local and state government.
As anyone with the brains of a year-old bird nest knows, it's not the object that causes the problem; it's the wrong use of the object, whether it's an automobile or a firearm.
And BTW, when Bo-Zo, Reid, Pelosi, Di-Fi, Bloomberg, and such others walk the streets without armed protection, I'll consider doing the same.
Until then I have no use for the Hip-O-Crap SOB's who want to dictate rules for others, but not for them.

Sean said...

One of the people in comments said that the NG can't be used if nationalized, for policing domestically, but I believe the NDAA wipes out Posse Commitatus. Any way, telling lies at that site is de riguer, as leftists live by the lie. Another in comments listed Adam Lanza as a responsible gun owner, in order to paint the actual gun owners as nuts in waiting.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I support background checks for politicians.
I support immigration reform too!

Private Citizens keep their privacy while those seeking public office gotta open the books - that's the price for PUBLIC service.

As for immigration - we do need reform. We must stop letting illegals go once captured. Take them straight to a judge upon detaining and issue the deportation order. Instantly place them on travel to their home country and deliver them along with a COD bill. If there is emergancy medical care needed, then provide it... Just add it to the COD bill delivered to the host government. If those governments refuse to pay their bill them create a illegal alien repayment tariff.

My point is that polling relies on deceptive wording to function. It's time to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that picture!! M14 with a scope, it's my favorite and I'm sure anyone who has shot only an AR would love it too!!! I've heard that Politico is owned by Gary Allen's son, the man who wrote "None Dare Call It Conspiracy". The poor man must be spinning in his grave...

Anonymous said...

Literal measurements, on the ground
and topographically of one's local
AO sound like a Good Idea.

Paul Bonneau said...

I just love these "prove anything" push polls. Politics is such bullshit. The chance of getting any swing voting at all, based on a politician's position on background checks for or against, is just about nil; there are much bigger issues out there. And if anything, it's worse for the pro-background check pols, because gun nuts tend more to be single-issue voters than non gun nuts are.

You'd think an outfit that calls itself "Politico" could figure this stuff out; but I guess not.

Anonymous said...

Some of the leftist comments from over there-

" 4 Oathkeepers were executed by the FEMA secret police last night in Barstow. "

Reply to the above by leftist-

" Ask Sparky Mark • a day ago

Good. We need to kill all of them.

The right-wing media tried to sell Americans on the idea that the antigovernment “Patriots” and militiamen who gathered to block the roundup of Cliven Bundy’s illegally grazing cattle in Nevada were well-meaning lovers of liberty.

However, Bundy’s most ardent defenders have revealed themselves to be a volatile collection of hotheaded, paranoid men (and a few women) with big egos and even bigger guns. "

and they wonder why we won't agree to more "gun control".

Unknown said...

“Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society.”
~ President John Adams