Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Spectacle of Mass Murder

He killed his three room mates. Knifed-them down with startling hand-to-hand brutality. Those victims weren’t sorority girls. Those deaths weren’t about the sex. So what were those killings for? As far as the kid in the BMW was concerned, all that mattered was that the nation’s attention would be focused on him. The victims here are incidental to the story the kid in the BMW wants to tell.


Anonymous said...

Is the brand of car really any more important than the brand of knife or gun?

Anonymous said...

Whenever things like this happen,people always ask, "How could this happen?" Give me a BREAK people! Stuff like this happens because evil is in the world and PEOPLE are not all "good". Some are just bad. And sometimes otherwise "good" people do bad things. What difference does "why" they did it make? The circumstances MIGHT make a difference (as in justifiable homicide vs murder) but I see nothing to be gained by endlessly asking "why". The miscreant did it,LOCK HIS CANDY ASS IN A CELL and either EXECUTE him or THROW AWAY THE KEY!! In any case keep him away from civilized people FOREVER!

Anonymous said...

Strange that he would be the son of Hunger games director which said film series is based on hugely popular Novel by an Author who was from what mass shooting town: Newtown CT?

No way! amazing coinkydink?

Next you'll tell me he was on meds, in therapy and doing boatloads of violent video games like Lanza? No way!

Christ I bet he even had aspbergers syndrome? Just like?

Anonymous said...

"Something like this" happens almost everyday IN CHICAGO, the rest of the country only adds to it. Time to tell the truth - it ain't news when black and brown people shoot at and kill each other..... It's just normal everyday run of the mill cycle.

It IS news however when a "rich" WHITE kid shoots at and kills people. Why? Because WHITE people aren't out there doing this shit everyday - so it ain't everyday run of the mill average day happening. It's "new"s.

Tortured logic it is, but it's what's applied. This is why "authorized journalists" think there is no bias in their "reporting". It's why they think their agenda is legit and successfully masked.

As the economy continues it's downward spiral, the entitled will become restless more and more because their lives aren't perfect and they want "stuff". The gibsmedats will venture further out of the population centers to attain their wants.

You know what they will accomplish?
They will finally be "news".......

Anonymous said...

I realize I am just a young-in 33 year old "wannabe unproven threeper" (as I fully acknowledge it is easy for me to say, yes, I will engage in a shoot out if necessary, but also acknowledge that like Funk Master Flex the rapper said, talk is cheap, mother #@#%), but where is all the hate against violent video games?

The simple truth is, you are far, far, far more likely to die in your multi-thousand statistical death machine, aka your vehicle, than to die from a video game junkie who has to put down the video game and actually take down the time to hunt down his (or her?) victim in the first place. With so many people being absolutely slaughtered in their cars every year, where are the huge protests at car factories and the molotov cocktails being thrown through car dealership windows lest another person gets mangled to death on our highways????

Got to love logic, huh? Aint that a pip.

Anonymous said...

People have been picking apart everything that guy put online. Every little insignificant detail. Looking for any reason for why he did it...

%&^% That!

As Chris Rock said once: Whatever happened to "Crazy"!?!?

If this had happened in Chicago, this would've been a Good day!