Saturday, May 24, 2014

Santa Barbara killer’s family ‘staunchly anti-gun’

The narcissistic, privileged son of a Hollywood director, who went on a shooting rampage Friday night in Isla Vista that left seven people, including the attacker, dead and another seven wounded, after evidently killing three people at his home, came from a family that believes in citizen disarmament, the Associated Press is reporting.


Anonymous said...

Just had this argument with my antigun mother in law and her friends. After listening to them for 20 minutes I said "
Lets not forget that half of the killings were done with a knife. Not a gun." . It didn't even register with them. They just looked at me with a blank expression then went on blaming the guns for the killings again...

Anonymous said...

Codrea nailed that article, as usual. Great timing on getting it out so quickly, too. Hopefully the rest of the pro gun bloggers will do so and we aren't caught on the defensive like after Newtown!

Anonymous said...

I first thought this story was onion satire.
Pretty sad when they think of POLITICS instead of just being sorry that their "family member" was such a pussy ass fuckstick that he had to rebel against his Richie Rich "family" in a way that cost people their lives.

How morally decrepit and without honor does one have to be to try and restablish perceived loss of political capital before bodies are even cold? Such a horrible sense of worth it must be to think that such a "press release" would be any less offensive than the killers act itself?

I call it the "purely pathetic Paris pretense".
As if ANY body really gives a rats ass about their support for gun control..... Or that it bears any meaning on the situation. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, the commercial news was railing about how bad guns were, again, ad nauseum.

This morning, I see that three of the victims were male room mates, stabbed to death at their residence.

Information is also published that the assailant's three semi-auto pistols had been legally purchased and registered to the perpetrator, who had Asperger Syndrome. (To paraphrase BBC).

I do not know if that syndrome constitutes a mental disease or defect, which would disqualify him from being able to purchase them in the first place. If so, whomever issued the individual purchase documentation may have made a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

But yet his family made $$$ on promoting violence ... killed with bullet, arrow, frying pan, or knife ... one is still dead

Anonymous said...

Asperger's -- another psychiatric-drug related incident. Which SSRI drug was he on?