Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Report people feeding their family. Because game and fish belong to the KING.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.


Anonymous said...

To wit, I have a "very special" tool coming making it possible to 'harvest' food for my family right under the nose of the statists. Thank you technology.

Happy D said...

Here in Utah the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has used the slogan "Poaching is stealing." for years.

Every time I try to explain how the historical "Stealing the King's deer" angle works against the goal of the advertisement I might as well be talking to a rock.

I suspect the attitude in inherent to the job.

Earl Flanigan said...

Have always wondered at this.

When you hunt deer without a license/out of season, the state can fine you because it is the "state's deer".

However, when the "state's deer" jumps out in front of your car at 0200 and totals it, suddenly the state disavows ownership/responsibility for "their deer". ;-)

Down here in the real part of Illinois (South of I-64), you know the deer are in rut when you see skid marks (either rubber or blood) on the road every few miles.

Anonymous said...

It once was that you could hunt game on your own property without a license etc here in my state (Maine) . But that is now illegal because the state considers game to be owned by " the people" , hence the state .

I am all for hunting fee free to feed ones family . The problem comes when you have jackwagons that hunt simply to kill or hunt for profit or trophies .

Anonymous said...

I live in the "country" and I do not subscribe to the "king's deer" theory.

Fight islam Now

CowboyDan said...

My grandfather or great grandfather was once accosted by a couple of the King's guards.

He said he was hunting. They said he was poaching the King's game, and prepared to hang him.

He killed them both, and fled to England.

Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree here. Taking game animals out of season, spotlighting deer, hunting on posted land w/o permission, taking more than the limit, killing bears for gall bladders, or baiting them, not respecting size limits when fishing, using illegal nets while fishing, using illegal traps, all these hurt us in the long run. These are the kinds of things that eventually lead to depletion of the game animals and closure of land to hunting. You can feed your family without resorting to such tactics.

Anonymous said...

Scots wha hae!

Freedom's sword will strongly draw,
Freeman stand or freeman fall,
Let him follow me.


Anonymous said...

Funny how the King couldnt enforce his corrupt and illegal edicts without the king's Quisling men.
How do these lowlifes look themselves in the mirror each day unless they actually believe in their mission.. Romanian Rules

Anonymous said...

Snitch? I think not.

The Old Coach said...

If Obama and his minions were the only ones allowed to take game, I could see the analogy. That's how it was in Europe, right into the 19th century. In the USA today, anybody can take game, within the bounds of law, which law was set up to preserve the game for everyone. Unrestricted hunting had obliterated deer and wild turkey in most Eastern states by 1900. Only the careful regulation of hunting since then has allowed game populations to come back to the point where deer are a damned nuisance at times. BTW I can still take deer on my own land here in Ohio without a license, but I still have to conform to bag limits, and I have to take each one the check station. We are also allowed to keep our roadkill.

Anonymous said...

F the king!