Thursday, May 22, 2014

Logistics: Mustang Munitions

The other day when I was wasting time (and the gate fee) looking for newbie equipage at the gun show I chanced upon a sales table for a local ammunition company I'd never heard of: Mustang Munitions. The folks at the table invited me to visit them at their store front in Pelham, a suburb of Birmingham, to view their operation and I did so yesterday as I had business that took me in that direction anyway.
I dropped in without an advance appointment on Terry Ware, Vice President & Director of Operations for Mustang and he kindly gave me a complete tour of the facility. For a small but up-and-coming operation I was quite impressed. The production shop was scrupulously clean and orderly (as it should be from a safety and quality control POV, but them I have seen some that weren't). Mustang operates three Dillon 1050s pretty much all the time, producing a mix of rifle and pistol reloads for the public and law enforcement. They have been open at the Pelham location since February of this year.
Mr. Ware took me through the entire process they use, from receipt of the brass and components to finished product and it was all quite professional. I am looking forward to testing some of their product in the near future and I will let you know how that turns out.


KingOfDebauchery said...

Why would I want to pay $0.45 a round for used ammo when I can get new ammo for $0.35 a round?

William Flatt said...

KOD, you clearly need illumination. As long as the reloads are of sufficient quality, paying the extra 10 cents per round (an assumed figure, I presume) is worth the cost as a matter of PRINCIPLE. The principle being, you're supporting an in-state manufacturer by so doing.

If you want to simply get cheap ammo, you could simply order from Lower [Cheaper] Than Dirt, a retailer that's (apparently like you) interested merely in the monetary value of ammunition.

If we expect to retain our right to keep and bear arms, we have to put our money where our mouth is, every day.

Anonymous said...

We stopped by today as it was convenient. The owners are very nice and were unpacking another 1050 unit complete with an auto drive. They also offered a tour and we discussed their loads and practices. I thought that their prices on higher end ammo were in the range of reasonable (65 CPR for 45 ACP loaded with hornady xtp and 45 CPR for 223 loaded with Winchester 64 PP), however, I also found their bulk ball overpriced. As I reload myself, it may be tough to support them at the current pricing, but I will at least try to get some components from them (which they promise to begin stocking for retail sale). A large lot of pistol powder (from an overseas manufacturer I had never heard of) is inbound now.

Anonymous said...

One should also patronize those companies that refuse to sell to the Federal Government,eg: USDA solicitation for .40 cal. There, I made my point. Nothing speaks louder than your money!!

Anonymous said...

A large lot of pistol powder from an overseas manufacturer...?

Amazing. I'm still waiting on powder I ordered from Midsouth over a year ago. Last year was a similar wait for primers.

IMO Bo-Zo is worthless as a president, but he is the absolute king in driving the firearms and components market.

j said...

@ William Flatt - well stated. If people are willing to stake their livelihood on serving the RKBA and III community, the least we can do is support them in their efforts. Same reason I would rather buy fresh produce from a local farmer when possible, even at a higher cost, than pay less getting stuff from Wal mart that was 'fresh' a few weeks ago and shipped in form God knows where.

KingOfDebauchery said...

William Flatt,
Since they are not "in state" for me, ordering online from someone else clearly makes no difference. And no, CTD burned their bridge with me as much as they did anyone else.
Perhaps you have more expendable income than I do, but I have to be choosey if I want to remain proficient with arms and also keep baby food stocked.
For those interested, (praxis) is an excellent site for pricing ammo.