Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cops, MRAPs and the Heartbreak of Police Operator Syndrome

To any cops reading this, I’d ask you to spread the word. Our tactical guys are great to have around when crap hits the fan. MRAPs are great when bullets are flying and lives are in danger. But we don’t need to call ourselves operators, we don’t need to gear up for combat at the drop of a hat, and we don’t need to show off our shiny new MRAPs just because we have them. Let’s put all that crap away. We can train with it and keep it ready, but only bring it out when it’s really needed. Until then let’s just be regular cops, wearing regular uniforms, driving regular cars, protecting regular people from regular old bad guys. Because that’s something to be proud of.


Anonymous said...

Great, except cops aren't tasked with protecting people from bad guys......

Are we to think cops don't understand this truth or are we to assume they are intentionally perpetrating and promulgating this lie that it is their purpose?

See, judicially speaking, cops CANNOT BE tasked with protecting and defending us from common criminals BECAUSE it is our RIGHT, and DUTY, to protect and defend ourselves.

Cops need to get with the program. They are used today as nothing more than an agent of government, not to defend the Constitution but simply to follow orders - orders today that are to stomp the people into bridled submission.

Hell, listen to the Obama Era military commercial. They too are simply commanded to do what those appointed above them tell them to.

We endure a total police state this day and COPS are the source. For if they would examine their oath and fulfill it, they would stand down the economic shakedown of tickets and arrest the vast majority if today's corrupt politicians - at every level of gubmint.

But they won't. They value their thirty pieces of silver (paychecks and pensions) far too much more than doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Dad and two of my uncles were cops when I was born; but that was many years ago. However, just as back then, there are still many good guys wearing the badge; it's the not so good guy behind the badge that has caused the stink throughout the law enforcement community. That is, too many are now pushing, punching, and punishing where none of this is needed.
So think on this: There are dogs you can kick and get away with it. With others you will get bit.
And don't think that big armored POS gives 100% protection. It does not. Those who know how it works can disable it quickly and turn it into a BBQ.
Just do your job and we'll do ours and we can all get along.
Oh, and don't forget, we all stand ready to help any LEO deal with the "real" bad guys; we just won't stand with you while you break the oath you took before pinning on the badge.

Anonymous said...

The first police dept was in NY in 1845. Boston had a precursor to a police force in 1838, but it didn't become official until 1854. Regardless, no city in this country had a police force for at least 62 years after 1776. Not even our most populated eastern cities, but now virtually every county and city in America has a police department. WTF happened?!

SWIFT said...

The Police State has existed for too long, to try and be reasonable with PD's and Sheriff's Departments. Why would any of them go back to basic law enforcement, when they can strut around like mercenaries, intimidating the public? They LOVE the intimidation, they LOVE camouflage(mostly unearned), or the SS, all black uniforms. (A growing number earning that!) They LOVE a black boot, on the neck, of a prone positioned suspect. You can never go home again; and neither will the Republic. Even when this war goes hot, nothing will be the same.

Waiting in Idaho said...

A six man sheriffs dept in northern Idaho just got an MRAP. Must be for the terrorist elk. But what is the point of having one if you can't take it out and scare the shit out of the civilians once in a while.

Anonymous said...

How about leaving the MRAPs parked out
in public. Might be reassuring and soon
your worries about your departments
misuse of same would be gone.

Paul X said...

Too late. There is no going back. They will step down and get out of their uniforms when the bullets start flying, MRAP or no MRAP.

Anonymous said...

Met a Chezc policeman at an IPSC event just after the fall of the iron curtain - gave me a 'secret police' tie pin.

He was so proud that he was no longer a 'secret' policeman and could now be a real policeman investigating real crimes instead of suppressing people.

Lesson there ...


Anonymous said...

The normalcy bias problem is really in effect, especially to be apologist for over armed and equipped police for a NONexistent threat, and doubly so when the Police departments ALL around the country are acting like trigger happy murdering thugs.. What the America NEEDS RIGHT NOW is a societal RESET, so that common sense about LIFE is restored to reality. This insane overhyped sense of critical life threatening urgency that certain agenda enacting power structures have made our daily lives, to justify the FEAR mongering and need to have heavily armed OFFCIAL ACTING tin badge thugs patrolling our streets, BEING the greatest threat to our lives RIGHT NOW.

You can sign me, Neal Jensen