Saturday, May 31, 2014

By the way, if you want to send a message to the new face of militarized police gestapo in this country whose depraved indifference burns babies in their cribs. . .

Here's his email address:
Remember now, no threats.


Steve Gregg said...

Just sent them a message. No threat of any shape, form, or fashion. I just told them they are INSANE!

Richard Chiu said...

I politely requested that he shoot himself in the face while he still had a choice.

johnnyreb said...

Here's the email I sent to him:

So. I understand from your statements that your officers are having some emotional problems stemming from throwing a live flash grenade into an occupied room in the dark without knowing who was sleeping there. GOOD.

You an theorize, rationalize, make excuses and whine and cry all you want, there's no explaining this away.

If this unfortunate child survives eventually he will be brought out of his coma, and will have to endure excruciating unimaginable suffering while his little body is put back together. And worse he is far too young to understand why these things are happing to him.

No doubt his family, the nurses and Drs. will have to endure his screams of agony while he heals, if he heals.

No doubt the LE involved will be cleared of any wrong-doing; you've already stated there was nothing really to investigate. (Hey, all the cops went home safely to THEIR families). I'm sure they'll be heroes to the crowd at the local cop bar. Too bad there wasn't a dog or two they could shoot.

My only hope for a little justice here is that someone tape records those agonizing screams, and a Judge sentences you and all your little Jack-booted "Operator" wannabees to have to listen to those tapes every night before you go to bed for the rest of your miserable lives.

You can bet that his parents will hear them too. You think on that awhile, ok?


Richard Hanna

former police officer supporter

P.S. Please don't bother to respond to this. There's really nothing you have to say that I am remotely interested in reading.

Anonymous said...

Many of us here (if not all of us) possess the tools, equipment, arms, and know how to inflict great harm and/or death on others. We do not do so because we also possess a good measure of "Common Sense."
But if this heavy-handed police crap continues, I predict that the echo of "Let's Roll" will be heard from coast to coast.
This is not a threat to any LEO...only something to keep in mind. You work for us. You took an oath. Violate the terms of either and you enter deep Caw-Caw Poo.
We outnumber you; we have you surrounded; and we outgun you.
Just do your job---no more, no less, and we'll get along.

Sgt Stryker said...

Henceforth; any interaction with LE should result in the name and address of the "officers" being posted on the web.
A respectful LEO is one who understands that fear works both ways.

Pete said...

Aren't these the same clowns that killed an unarmed minister back in '09 (?)

Anonymous said...

It's okay for civliians to have their private information published, so that their gun-owning status can be seen, and their homes visited by anyone who is interested.

But it is not okay for an "officer", an authority figure, a man subject to no personal expectations to have his information made public, because "bad guys" might come by their home and toss a firebomb inside and burn their family.

The employees entrusted with the safety of private citizens make private citizens' life a public tragedy and then go on "working for us" and going home to their, every day.

The thin blue line is more important than your blood line any day of the week. Don't you forget it. Shut up and listen to the siren music, and watch the flash bag show. It's all about them getting home, making promotions and claiming their fat pensions. They don't get paid enough to do this job, right?

Get another fucking job and leave innocent folk alone, you cowardly fucks.