Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Logistics: CMP advisory on .22 Long Rifle.

Courtesy of Doug Rink, from today's CMP Sales Update:
AMMUNITION UPDATE. The CMP has been notified by ammunition manufacturers and distributors to expect price increases and significant delivery delays for all calibers of ammunition, especially for .22 rimfire. The price increases and delays apply to orders we have already placed with the manufacturers. Prior to 2013 CMP received deliveries of truckloads of ammo within a few weeks of placing orders. We are now being advised, as in the case of Aguila .22, that it may take several years to receive all of the 35,000,000 rounds of Aguila ammo we have on order.
As a result of this situation, CMP has placed orders with several different manufacturers for large amounts of ammunition in various calibers. We expect to receive only a few pallets at a time because manufacturers and distributors are rationing the ammo to their customers. As we receive ammo, we will contact customers with oldest orders already in place with the option to purchase whatever we receive at the new prices, cancel the order, or remain on the list for the manufacturer they originally requested. All price increases to CMP will be passed on to the customer. CMP will not be profiting from the increase in prices.
We will continue to accept orders for ammunition, with the understanding that the wait time for customers between placing an order and receiving the ammunition may be anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Most other retailers are in the same situation as the CMP. We suggest that customers leave their CMP orders in place and not cancel until they are able to purchase ammo elsewhere. CMP customers will be contacted as to pricing and manufacturer before any orders are filled. We do not expect to have any additional information until after the annual SHOT Show in mid-January, when we will meet with all of the ammo manufacturers.


bondmen said...

This is so strange really, demand must be absolutely unprecedented! Apparently folks got caught with their pants down and swore to never let it happen again so they grab any available quantity when it hits the public. I've occasionally been finding a little here http://www.gunbot.net/ammo/rimfire/22lr/

I know Midway has some brands one can backorder at decent prices, all for future delivery of course.

Anonymous said...

I guess they could ask DHS for some of theirs. Along with the 30-30 ammo, 12 gauge birdshot, and other sporting caliblers they have no earthly use for.

Anonymous said...

I keep asking why bur no one answers the question.

It's OK though, I already know the answer, even if they won't say it.

Anonymous said...

Advisory: Strong BUY!

There has to be a LOT more to this than demand exceeding supply.
The supply has almost certainly be choked off ...


Anonymous said...

I still see this mostly, if not completely, consumer demand.

I suspect there's many gunowners who used to be satisfied with a half box of leftover rounds after hitting the range who today keep two or three thousand rounds of each caliber they shoot.

Crustyrusty said...

Something told me to buy .22 a few years ago, even though I didn't have a .22 rifle. My wife looked at me funny then.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. China now has a lock on rare earths. China is cornering the lead market as well. It's buying all the copper lead and brass, in the form of scrap, it can grab. All while our government ( our said in jest) hamstrings our access to everything from raw materials to primers to led wheel weights themselves.

Yeah but it's all just Americans buying up supply. Suuuuure it is.

Yes demand exists. Yes it's even grown. But you folks only fool yourselves if you think demand is creating shortage.

Not even the quest for profit can withstand the assault upon ammunition availability we are witnessing - indeed enduring. There is a long term plot in place here. They LOST the gun battle so the controllers have turned their attention to the supply side of the ammunition market. It's multifaceted indeed right down to forced " training". To them - forced training is a constant drain on the net civilian ammunition.

We are witnessing the conditioning of rationing acceptance. And the denials are everywhere - even right here in the community that is supposed to be smart enough to recognize it for what it is.

Wake up folks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous December 18, 2013 at 9:54 AM

You are dead on correct and everybody is taking advantage of the situation.

Priced .45 acp hp Ohio 43$ 50 rounds.
Arizona 23$ 50 rds.

No shit, eyes on.

Anonymous said...

We have broken down the available production here in the US numerous times to prove that there is more then enough out there if allotments were at "normal" levels. But one thing that contiues to happen is we are winding down military operations in Afghanistan and other places as the Ayatollah Obama pulls our military back so as not to impede his Muslim brothers in their world wide quest for domination. Less military activity means less consumption of ammo stores. The fact is most of the calibers in short supply are NOT used by the military. Many ARE used by LEO's across the country but the production should more then take care of them with plenty left over for civilian consumption. I have heard that either an executive order was secretly signed by the Ayatollah Obama to prohibit further importation of foreign ammo from ALL sources, meaning ammo for mil-surp firearms as well as common popular calibers made overseas. If this order has not yet been signed it will be shortly. We will not be apprised of this until about a month before the implementation date which will disallow new import certificates and licenses to be issued and current licenses and import certificates will be rendered null and void. Get what you can while you can. The Ayatollah is bent on depriving us of ammo one way or another. Promised investigations by Congress have not materialized. But it is clear the Regime is buying, seizing or redirecting all the ammo they can to keep it out of our hands. Canned food and ammo will be the new precious metals of the next few years.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be too old soon if we don't do something soon.

Anonymous said...

I was happy when our gun club was selling target .22 for reasonable prices per brick, and boxes of specialized loadings, ratshot, hollowpoint, etc., also at reasonable prices. I have plenty, and if a friend needs some, I am happy to give or sell it at my cost, depending on the category of friend. .22 is an excellent practice round, from the days of the Colt Service Ace with the floating cylinder, to inserts for .223 rifles. Shortages of something are usually supply and demand or artificial. This looks like a combination of both. I did not know US forces trained with .22LR, yet they are buying it by the truckload? Market manipulation? I would not put anything above this bunch.