Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ludicrous disinformation.

Air Force General James Mattoon Scott (who bears a striking resemblance to Burt Lancaster) plans to confiscate your firearms according to this ludicrous piece of disinformation.
A number of readers have sent me links to this article: "Military Drawing Up Plans for Nation-wide Gun Confiscations."
A snippet:
WASHINGTON, DC – A senior U.S. general has confirmed that the military has secretly drawn up plans to round up large numbers of privately-owned firearms from American gun owners.
General James M. Scott of the U.S. Air Force confirmed that the Pentagon received a series of formal directives from the White House between November 7 and December 13 to begin plans for a massive nationwide operation to confiscate guns using a series of federal databases compiled over the last few decades.
General Scott spoke with Duffel Blog reporters in a parking garage in northern Virginia.
Scott also confirmed that a certain four-star general who heads the U.S. Transportation Command was intimately involved in the planning. General Scott would not reveal the general’s name out of concerns for his safety.
The plan, known in the military as Operation PREAKNESS, combines a series of tactics developed for house sweeps and room clearing in Iraq and Afghanistan, which General Scott admitted had been used as test-runs for the U.S.
C'mon people! Haven't you ever read Seven Days in May or seen the movie at least? The plot to overthrow the government in 7DIM is called Operation Preakness and the principal conspirator is Air Force General James Mattoon Scott (played in the movie by Burt Lancaster). There's a lot of disinformation out there right now but this one is just too easy to spot. Somebody's pulling your leg.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Duffle Blog is a military satire website with a leftist, anti-military point of view. I know that last sentence was unnecessarily redundant but that is how poisonous their "humor" is.

Anonymous said...

It is with nausea I watch as " The Five Sided Windtunnel " sit's on it's ass and does nothing while the country every one of them swore an oath to protect is dismantled brick by founding brick. We cannot disarm ,as it seem's we are truly " On Our Own ".

Anonymous said...

I've never seen the movie, but I do read Duffle Blog on occassion. And as soon as I saw that name, I knew the whole article was a hoax.
And FYI, Duffle Blog is military satire, but far from left, and beloved by many soldiers (etc) everywhere.

B Woodman
SSG (Ret), US Army

Ichabob Crane said...

Satire and biting political commentary it is.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if the premise of the movie has actually occurred, whereby the DOD/CIA actually is the "powers that be". On the same note, I can imagine Obomination's first day in the Oval office where some "officer" put's a gun to the King's temple and tells him "how it's gonna be"..or else.

Although, someone spiking Obomba's coffee with brain sucking alien parasites notwithstanding, the only other possible explanation for our decent into Orwellian hell is simple. We have a full fledged certifiable fucking psychopath at the helm. Something tells me though, it's the latter.

Anonymous said...

duffleblog is "The Onion" in olive drab (or digicam for the newer generation) meets Dilbert. For those that live or work for the US military it is sometimes spot on in its satire. And like the Onion tends to fool people that look only at a single article with insufficient background.
I mean, come on, US Transcom taking the lead on civilian disarmament plans? That's like assigning B-52s to a Tactical Air Force Command.
Hmm, what? Oh.