Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And now the Idaho Statesman gets involved . . .

Application fees for Idaho Citadel being sent to group linked to extortionist.


Anonymous said...

Do any of these mokes have a clue what 20 acres looks like in that part of Idaho? Or what 20 acres is worth? You might get $40,000 in timber sales and then slip and slide in the mud after freezing your ass off for 9 months out of the year.

....and the question remains unanswered: How does a convicted felon own a gun?


Anonymous said...


He doesn't. His wife does.

The III Arms Co. is in her name, as is the III Percent LLC, the owner of the whole project.



Miller is just a front.

Wanna bet the felon has had the two "manufactured" firearms in his hands? Where is the ATF when you need them?

BTW, The Idaho Statesman reported that the III Arms Co. does not posses an FFL to manufacture firearms.

Anyone can purchase the parts for any firearm and put them together. I've done that tens of times. It does not a gun factory make.

They're scammers.

The last announcement from the III Arsm was, "delivery timelines [of the $1550 starting price guns] are currently subject to great uncertainty due to the current political climate and parts availability.”

Imagine that!

Ranger LTW