Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another anti-liberty business to boycott.

GEICO Insurance Cultural Marxist Hypocrisy – Gun Manufacturer Auto Policy Canceled Because He Is In Firearm Business….


art said...

As the little lizard pointed out in one of the tv spots ... GEICO stands for Government Employee Insurance COmpany. So, no surprise, really, when they act all quisling.

Anonymous said...

Ireally enjoyed the trailer for the GOD BLESS AMERICA movie. That should get the frauds a FAUX NEWS very nutted-up. I know that the anti-gun people will have a field day with this film. But, Amerika is in meltdown. Art, in this case, is imitating life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Was looking, won't be them.

Anonymous said...

From the company's website:

"We are a percision [sic] manufacturer of shotgun adapters and shotgun accessories".

In other words they make metal tubes. Like that's dangerous to the insured vehicle? By that reasoning cop cars are involved in the firearms industry to an even greater degree.

Western Powders is in the same town. Wonder if Geico has cancelled all their employees' car insurance as well? If not, maybe the employees there should do so.

What if all NRA members (not the weenies in DC) who had Geico switched. Wonder how that'd feel to their bank account?

Ed said...

Switch to Progressive Insurance instead. er, uh... that does not sound right either.