Friday, January 25, 2013

Will computers kill gun control?

3-D printing technology could make efforts to curb weapons impossible.


just dan said...

If entire villages can exist in Afghanistan that produce in quantity, very good working copies of most popular firearms with absolutely no technology and working in caves; i'm pretty sure near anyone with determination can. Add in technology and... well... think full scale production lines in basements and garages across the nation.

Burrow Owl said...

@ just Dan:

True dat.

The Nation of Isreal owes its existence in large part to one such enterprise.

Anonymous said...

People interested in this should take a look at this youtube seriesthat shows the construction of a CNC milling machine. All told he spends about $3500. Such a device is capable of turning out AR lowers, 1911 frames etc. I believe the combination of 3d printers and cheap CNC mills will make gun control very much irrelevant.

Charles N. Steele said...

Imbeciles are scared of weapons. They should be scared of people with bad ethical systems.

For a long time it's been obvious that the advance of technology will put increasing power in the hands of the individual -- not just weapons but all kinds of power. Either we learn ethics that have us use such power properly, or we destroy ourselves.

This has to begin with strict respect for others' rights. The left's only "solution" is abolishing rights and putting all power in the hands of self-appointed elites. Good luck stopping the advance of history. (And they call themselves "progressives," good grief.)

J. Croft said...

3D printing mainly works with plastics, there's the matter of the bolt, trigger parts and barrel that require quality metals.

Another field to explore are improvised armored vehicles: