Thursday, January 31, 2013

They leave only one thing out -- the part where they start a civil war and we kill their tyrannical asses.

I somehow missed this when it first came out back in December, but a reader recently sent it to me: How to Ban Guns: A step by step, long term process


SWIFT said...

So typical of a lefty to be willing to risk others to further their agenda. (ATF going door to door.) Isn't advocating violence and threats of violence to further a political agenda, the hallmark of a domestic terrorist?

Temnota said...

I read that diary. I read the comments. It was like reading something written in crayon on a mental hospital wall. Do they allow that poster to cross the street by himself?

JudgementComes said...

"Unfortunately, right now we can't. The political will is there, but the institutions are not. Honestly, this is a good thing. If we passed a law tomorrow banning all firearms, we would have massive noncompliance. "

Who the fuck is the 'we' this clown speaks of? It is collectivist, elitist, illegitimate, marxist myrmidons.

A major fallacy in this piece is one that indicates a lack of understanding of the Constitution. In theory, in a Constitutional Republic, one that has not been hijacked by thugsm whores, and sodomites, the Political will comes from the citizenry, not the government.

If the political will actually existed, disarmament would have already taken place. Nothing would make the bastards happier. But, in agreement with Mike's comment, the fact is that there is a political will exists in the United States that comes from the business end of a gun in the hands of Americans who are willing to die and to kill to preserve God-Given, self-evident rights. Self-evident to anyone that is not a utopian fool that is...

Fuck you 'sporks'.


robins111 said...

The author of this article, and the braying about the Canadian gun registry forgot some salient points. By the creation of the Canadian registry, 2 political parties that supported it got destroyed, second, there was less than 30% compliance with the registry,with more than 15 million guns unaccounted for, in a population of 30 million people. Further, by using the anger of the gun owners, the Canadian Conservatives, harnessed this onto a majority government and then, abolished said registry. Finally, the new conservative government was able to get the supporters of the registry to admit, that both, the long gun, and handgun registry had never been used to solve a single crime since 1934, (handgun) or 1995 for the long gun fiasco. They accomplished nothing but spending vast amounts of money, on nothing.

Sean said...

This guy is one clueless idiot. He wants to model on the Canadian law, but doesn't know what an abject failure it was. I love how he goes for registration and using the 4473's to do his bidding, and targeting non-compliance for visits from the ATF. But you got to hand it to the little statist bastard, he wants to cover all the bases, and wants the socialist wet dream of no guns for any civilians, at all. They've quit wearing masks for a long time now.

bubba said...

In reading some of the comments over there I noticed that at least half of the arguments were against doing what the author suggested. Some of the against arguments were because of their dislike for the idea and because they understood the ultimate consequences to them afterwards if their plan were to be implemented. It wasn't that they disagreed with the concept.

oughtsix said...

Daily Kos? What did you expect?

That is the most strident committed leftist site imaginable.

The good news is, they have a poll at the bottom of the page:

"Total gun ban in ten years?"

Yes 158 or 2%

No 7080 or 91%

Pie is delicious. Even raspberry. I was once told the raspberry pie was communist pie. 496 or 6% "

They don't have much 'faith' in their cause do they?


Rotten little cowardly commie bastards. Red diaper doper babies.

AJ said...

I think that was actually a good article. It lays bare the fact that "reasonable" controls are just increments to a total ban, no matter what they tell us.

Anonymous said...

What exactly does "registration" have to do with the current hysteria over the Newtown shooting? We know exactly who committed these shootings from Columbine to VA Tech to Aurora to Newtown?

The obvious answer is exactly what this article lays out: NOTHING. It has to do with the end and complete gun confiscation and a government monopoly on violence.

Don't be fooled....this is what they really want. They've spelled it out for you in black and white.

TL said...

"and we kill their tyrannical asses." If only we can get close enough. Then they will be forever remembered as the Tyrrantosaurus Rex. May it happen soon.

J. Travis said...

Ah, honesty is SO refreshing!

It seems that they are giving up on pretending that they just want "reasonable" limitations and safeguards. They are saying right out what they hope to achieve.

Folks, you know your own "friends", and family who you have been battling at thanksgiving dinners, for lo, these many years? THESE are the same people.

If the most political you've ever been is spouting off at Thanksgiving and July 4th, who do you think is the most likely "snitch" inside your circle?

A minimum of 40% of this country seems completely on board with whatever Obama may dictate. Up to and including "re-education" camps.

It doesn't matter what preparations you make, if you have an enemy in your midst. And most of us do.

Be polite, be professional, have a plan...

Charles N. Steele said...

Daily Kos -- simply bizarre. They simultaneously expose and condemn the growth of the American police state regularly.

I love the irony.

TimeHasCome said...

Please watch the back door and I mean that literately . The EPA has now a army of Green Police that are searching for crimes against the "Environment" They do not need a search warrant they carry firearms . They have sworn no duty to anything . They work in conjunction with your State Ecology Departments . Hitler may have had his Brown Shirts but Obama has his Green Shirts. They are there , get ready or stay in the car , your choice.

Anonymous said...

So this guy “Sporks” wants a ban and confiscation. It's a perfect example of "be careful what you wish for, you may just get it".

This guy really is a special kind of stupid…

CowboyDan said...

TL, how close do you need to get!?

Use a scope if you have to.

CowboyDan said...

Anon 0819, do we really know who did the killings? We know ho we've been TOLD did the killings, but all those stories started out with multiple shooters and a day or to later, those who said "multiple shooters" couldn't get airtime if they'd paid cash money for it.

Plus, every one of them was out of their gourds on some ort of psychiatric drugs. So, they were out of their minds on drugs, they have no recollection of th events, or they're dead. If I wanted to run a false flag operation, I'd think of those as near optimal circumstances.

The accused shooters MAY or may not have done it, but I trust the official stories like I've always trusted the government, which is not freakin' much.

Thry've lied to me more often than they've told the truth.

Charles N. Steele said...

TL: May it NOT happen at all. We should hope, pray, and work to win politically. If it comes to fighting, no one wins a civil war. The best outcome possible would still be hell, the U.S. reduced to a (free!) backwater state in a world dominated by Asia.

It looked to me like a majority of the DK commenters thought "sporks" was nuts anyway.

TimeHasCome: can you give evidence? I can't find anything about this.

Anonymous said...

If they mandate registration of all firearms and if it can be done online it will be FUN. Pick out the name of some politician or Gubint bureaucrat and "register" all the imaginary fireams that clown "owns". Never knew that my congressman had 50+ AK-47's or that the "MeterMaid" for the local PD has several Tommy Guns. The list can go on and on to keep the BatFags looking for what isn't there.

Anonymous said...

You mean this guy is serious?

I thought it was satire. Even the author's name (Sporks = spoon+forks) seems like a joke.

Anonymous said...

I might respect them if THEY were coming to do the raids, but they'll leave others to risk their lives and die, and they will, in the name of confiscation.

Want to take folks' guns? Man up and volunteer to be part of some volunteer "civilian disarmament group". Come to the party unarmed, of course, because you hate guns. See what happens.

Anonymous said...

Bad guy: "I can take your dog!"

Cop: "What do you think I'm going to be doing while you 'take my dog' ?"

OK, Folks, including any of you Daily KOS readers who may have drifted over, I have a quick question for you all to ponder. How many "residences" do you think there may be in the USA? For the sake of argument we'll pretend that a firearm could never be hidden in an office building, warehouse, cave, culvert, old hollow tree, or buried in someone's pasture (heh!) How long do you think it would take the current manpower of the BATFE to search all those places? What do you think America's gunowners will be doing while the searches take place?

"You're gonna to need a bigger boat!" -- Chief Brody

Anonymous said...

Amazingly stupid people over there at the Daily Chaos. Totally bereft of any knowledge of history, human nature or the United States Constitution. They DESERVE to be slaves before they are shot and bulldozed into a mass grave. Idiots.