Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dogs and ponies seem uninspired.

Senators tread cautiously at gun hearing
Neither side seemed like it was playing to win. For Republicans, especially, this was a hearing to survive. No YouTube moments or arguments with Mark Kelly, Giffords’s husband. For Democrats, this was about avoiding unforced errors and not doing anything that would stall whatever momentum there is for action on gun control.
LATER: The Dead Elephants are already running: Gun control: inklings of a compromise in the Great Gun Debate


LJ said...

Proposed question for Captain Mark Kelly, USN retired (Congresswoman Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords Husband)-

"Sir I in no way mean disrespect to your wife or yourself in what has obviously a violent and horrific event. I sincerely pray for Mrs. Gifford's continued full recovery.

That being said, and as you are a highly decorated Naval aviator with combat experience, I sincerely feel led to ask you the following question:

At what point in your career as a U.S. Navy officer were you able to compromise on the very specific oath you swore to, including and specifically mentioning, the unalienable right to armed self defense? A right that is without question affirmed to, (NOT GRANTED) by the very document you pledged to defend ?"

Charles N. Steele said...

I read the CS Monitor piece twice, and can't see the evidence of the sellout.

I suggest that what we are seeing could potentially for the gun grabbers' what Bulge was for the Nazis, should those of of us who oppose them work it right. They have awakened their opposition and if they fail to get anything passed at the federal level quickly, they are in trouble.

RKBA advocates need to increase the political pressure; try to increase the backbone of GOP and Dems who aren't wedded to gun control, all the while continuing to prepare for the worst should this fail. But it's premature to say that gun control is a done deal. It's not.

Liberty or Death said...

That's OK, they can compromise. I will NOT and I will fight all enemies, foreign and domestic with the same fervor and commitment our Forefathers had.

Longbow said...

They believe they can get a "universal background check" bill passed. This would force every citizen to beg permission from the FBI before he trades a piece of private property with his neighbor. What would our grandfathers think of us submitting to such a thing?

Never mind the fact that Congress has no Constitutional authority to enact such a law. Those who think it a good idea, and good public policy don't care a bit about the Constitution. They would make free men felons. It is that simple.