Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Citadel: Fortress or fiction?"

More positive press for Kerodin & Co.


Anonymous said...

If anyone is curious about just how long he has been pitching [dubious] ideas take at look at the research some of his targets did back in 2009; really amazing stuff (don't mind the URL its a Renaissance Faire thing and SFW):

Anonymous said...

You know its rather funny...They posted on the citadel blog way back in Dec I think, We've already been meeting with county officials. Hmmm who would that be? cant be the meter maid or the dog catcher. We don't have those kind of officials in Benewah. NONE of the county Commissioners have ever heard a peep from them. Could be by "official" they mean probation official. Just a guess?

Razor in the Benewah

oughtsix said...

Seems more neutral/vaguely skeptical than 'positive' to me, Mike.

Those folks don't know Khameleon like we do.

If ever he/they show up in Idaho and do anything other than soak the dupes, it won't be long before the good local folks get his number.

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

I grew up in CdA in the 60's. What I said before, 20 acres won't even get you started up there. Locals seem to think the same thing too. Too much lying and scamming going on for it to be real or actually work out, besides, who wants to live in a prison?

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:54 Wow thanks for that link. The plot thickens. The last dozen or so post will some it up.
Reminds me of an old Bob Newhart show. Bob was writing a book about "how to grout" His wife said "Bob you dont know how to grout"? Bob said Yeh but neither do the people buying the book" DOH

Razor in the Benewah

o said...

" besides, who wants to live in a prison?"


Anonymous said...

Go to the site, read it for information purposes, but do not comment there. Do not give any further attention to or feed the troll. Whoever he's currently dealing with will soon have K's number, and deal with him accordingly as is fit. We need to stay back and not give him the attention he craves and the distraction (i.e., us) he need to continue to con his dupes.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

" A media blackout for now ". What the hell ?. I am incredulous at some of the people who are seemingly taken in by this shit. Talk about a floater turd that just won't go away.