Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another country heard from. The "zombification of patriots."

This link was sent to me by a friend who commented that it represented further "zombification of patriots." White, “Christian” and Treasonous: Who Will They Kill?
Well, I would answer that question with "If you try to take our firearms, we will kill you." Clear enough?


SWIFT said...

Why is it that left -wingers, when trying to show how intolerant patriots are, engage in intolerance? Why do they do they display an obsessive/compulsive trait, to always cite the (discredited) Southern Poverty Law Center, to make a point? Do they really believe the SPLC has any credibility? Can't they see that the whole organization, is a money making machine, based on creating fear? Schaeffer suggests that southern patriots are ill with fear. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you are willing to go against a superior enemy, out numbered, out gunned, out supplied, where the hell is the fear? Schaeffer is a self-serving POS, with the spine and convictions of a willow.

jon said...

bet you $20 that guy has one of those "coexist" bumperstickers.

this isn't really worth reading; we know the canards. but such things will continue to be written; we know they won't stop preaching blind hate to whoever they can sell a subscription to.

Anonymous said...

"Remember: Evil exists because good men don't kill the government officials committing it." -- Kurt Hofmann.

I think Mr. Hofmann has a finer understanding of the situation here than Mr. Schaeffer -- what a pathetic tool.

I say he's a collaborator deserving no consideration or sympathy.

ESAD "Frank"

Anonymous said...

when the powers that be start gun confiscation. Patriots should not stop at defending 2a but push to pre-property tax, pre-federal reserve days.completely erase any and all signs of socialism. and they know we gave them plenty of warning! alberto alcala' III (per)

Backwoods Engineer said...

Some of y'all might not realize who the author of this piece really is. I think Francis Schaeffer was one of the best Christian writers and philosophers ever, right up there with CS Lewis and Chesterton. Well, the author of this piece is "Frankie" Schaeffer, his God-hating son. Yeah, the stereotypical "preacher's kid" does ring true sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Patheos is where professing Christians go when they apostasize.

Shame on him.

His father would be ashamed.


Anonymous said...

Backwoods Engineer-

I agree. His father would be ashamed.


Grantmeliberty said...

Backwoods Engineer beat me to it.
I appreciated his father's writings, but they must have spared the rod in this son's upbringing. Rod of truth that is.
He was raised in that hell hole of social chaos and guns...Switzerland, by parents who loved him, and must have been a prize target for satan's minions to convert to the darkside. Perhaps Hollyweird infected him or tempted him with something he couldn't refuse.