Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Missouri Sheriffs Pledge To Not Enforce Obama’s Gun Control Laws

“It appears to me and many Americans that there is a genuine desire on the part of your administration to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law abiding American citizens in the interest of curbing gun violence in our nation,” Heiss wrote. “Any attempt to restrict these Second Amendment rights through executive order is unconstitutional and tantamount to an all-out assault on the United States Constitution.”


David Forward said...

Conservatively there are between 2.3 to 2.7 million peaceful, armed American Citizens who stand along side Larimer County (CO), Sheriff Justin Smith, Weld County (CO) Sheriff John Cooke (CO), the Utah Sheriffs Association, Missouri Sheriffs and all other currently active 'Oath Keepers' who have come out in polite, but firm defiance of further control or bans.

A large portion of the 2.3 to 2.7 million are well trained, well equipped, highly capable men and women who are former, or current, Military and/or Law Enforcement who, as the Utah Sheriffs stated in their letter to President Obama; "We...swore a solemn Oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and we are prepared to trade our lives for the preservation it's traditional interpretation".

Those words weren't written out of false bravado or without sober contemplation.

The "Disarmament Faction" of wannabe societal masters would do well to disengage from their politically motivated, calamitous, volatile game of "chicken", and stand down now. Just sayin'...

Nous Defions

TotC said...

This comes from the Facebook page of the Rolla MO police dept.

"I sent out a Gun control poll to officers at the Rolla Police Department last week and received 26 responses. 23 stated to leave the laws as they are now, 2 stated loosen control and 1 stated make it stricter.
My short answer/opinion as a citizen and as Chief of Police is to leave the law the way it is, people have a right to bear arms and protect themselves. Our country was founded on this and as stated many times, the criminals will always get them if they want them bad enough; I want the good citizens to have them if they chose to." Chief Kearse

oughtsix said...

On the other hand:


Some inescapable points to the contrary made there by Willliam Grigg at Pro Libertate, replete with pics and links for further study.

Judge by actions, not rhetoric. Unfortunately, by the time the apostate sheriffs' actions make clear their true allegiance, it will be too late.

Count on yourselves and your compatriots, not "cross deputized" and fed funded DHS stooges. I will be overjoyed if these or any sheriffs prove to be men of their word, but there is no way to know but in the crucible.

Everyone's looking for a way out, a last, best hope... understandable in the face of the coming horror but unrealistic.

Accept Reality and prepare to defend yourselves! Put on the full armor conferred by the knowledge that we are in the Right, our cause is Just and our anger Righteous! The Liberty of our children's grandchildren depends on us

Then, take it to the Enemy and defeat him.


Anonymous said...

oughtsix has it right.

Don't rely on anyone but ourselves.

MamaLiberty said...

On the other other hand... what if the congress goes along with Ovomit and passes the "bans" conventionally.

Any of the sheriffs prepared to go to war with the feds over that?

I highly doubt it.

Carl said...

As a Missouri deputy sheriff, I am very pleased to see the stand being taken by our sheriffs. But actions do speak louder than words, and we will see what happens when the SHTF. And of course, individual officers may choose to honor or violate their oaths, so oughtsix is correct that we must not trust in LEO's to do the right thing. However, please do not kick all of us deputies and officers to the curb, some are more honorable than others, and many are completely disgusted and angry about the current anti-gun nonsense being spouted by the elected criminals in DC.

oughtsix said...

I don't want to "kick you to the curb" Carl... I want you to do the right things and call on your fellow deputies and your bosses to do so as well.

We want you on our side, the side of Liberty and the Rule of Law.

Please network with other officers to make them decide and declare.