Tuesday, January 29, 2013

David Codrea: Hearing yields explosive testimony about law enforcement corruption in gun case

No wonder they wanted to keep the public out.


Anonymous said...

Another living proof example of the Two Tiered IN-Justices system and the corruption of the dispicable and vile US Attorneys as well as the DOJ in whole. I hope this turns out better than the prosecution of Aaron Swartz. There is no words to express what the US Attorneys did to this young man. He committed suicide two weeks ago.


And as usual..not one word of his ordeal was heard on MSM prior to his suicide.
What we have as a "Justice" system now, is so far beyond "two tiered", it defies comprehension. Bankers get rewarded for destroying the entire worlds economies, Obomination and other Departments of the repugnant USG(ATF etc) and Corporations murder with impunity, Torture gets normalized while whistleblowers who tortured no one get imprisoned, looking forward shatters the Nuremberg principles, War Criminals go free, and on and on and on..while people within the lower tier get prosecuted with the full force of the lying USG. I'd submit, welcome to Amerika, land of the corrupt USG, home of the wretched Oligarchy. TOTALATARIANISM-R-US

I have to puke.

Anonymous said...

From this I can now understand why some people are compiling lists of corrupt politicians/public servants who only serve themselves. Might be time for some housecleaning to get rid of some of the "deadwood".