Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Calculus of Genocide

Historically, when action against a particular group is envisioned, (for the greater good of course,) that group is often depersonalized or demonized prior to action being taken. After all, if the subjects of your depredations aren't human, then whatever happens to them is their own fault, isn't it?


John G said...

...was up last night, had trouble sleeping. was wondering, what happens when martial law is declared,the internet shut off and leaders of possible resistance collected for 'questioning'. How will the word get out, how will we know you (for example)are gone.

JudgementComes said...

Get your HAM radio license!

Anonymous said...

This is no less than a plan to implement the destruction of Gun Culture - Cultural Genocide.

Examine this article:

This Article concludes that the [UN] Genocide Convention forbids any interference, including interference based on otherwise valid laws, against the procurement of defensive arms by groups which are being victimized by genocide.

Hmmm - even the UN is on our side!


Anonymous said...

HAM Radio is how...

ebola said...

I've been asking this question for months.
I believe we're going old school.
Back to HAM radio for communications.
Need to learn about burst transmission.
They will be hunting us.

TimeHasCome said...

Like all tyrants food will be used as a weapon . The regime has tipped it's hand with the food issue ala farm registration . Stock up now. Napoleon was correct when he said a army moved on it's stomach.
We have a 100 year supply of firearms but only a two year supply of ammo . Hence the huge purchase by the Feds to dry up all supply .

Anonymous said...

They said there wouldn't be any math , I'm still struggling with the algebra of occupation .

Gunny G said...

Lead, Silver, Food, Ammo, warm clothes, AND reloading components out the wahzoo.

Rice, beans, salt, and coffee. You can live on it.

Paul X said...

It's a mistake to try to demonize an angry and heavily-armed population. The demonizers might find their asses shot some day.

As to the internet being shut off, what a great way to collapse an economy! Recall Egypt shut off their internet during the "Arab Spring". That lasted what, a week or so?