Sunday, January 27, 2013

Horrors! New York Times discovers kids being instructed in gun safety!

Whatever shall we do?


Anonymous said...

Ohes noes! The Children might learn a fun hobby in a safe manner!! And learn responsibility and self reliance!! And learn how to use a deadly weepon without killing each other! Wees can'ts have that!

B Woodman

Happy D said...

Whatever shall the New York Times do?
Flee the continent! Flee the continent now and do not look back! Flee the continent before we come to punish you Slaving Progressive vermin.

Charles N. Steele said...

"'I don’t see the value in it,' Mr. Carlson said. 'I guess it goes back to the skill base we’re trying to instill in the kids. What are we preparing them for?'"

How about life as a free, independent, responsible citizen.

Anonymous said...

PS, love the charcoal sketch. You should use it more often for similar "panic panic wees gonna die" stories.

B Woodman