Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kurt Hofmann: Descendant of Holocaust survivors wants us less capable of resisting holocausts

"Knowing full well the epic scope of genocidal mass murder that can be perpetrated by a government, unless millions of determined and well armed "John Q. Publics" are prepared to stop it, he nevertheless wants to dramatically reduce the firepower available to the citizenry."


Spec-Ops Medic said...

I puzzled over that question too, Why Jews of all people voted overwhelmingly for Obama?
Sultan Knish does an admirable job of answering that in many of his article.

Anonymous said...

No link ... ???

Anonymous said...

Uh, is there supposed to be a link?

Anonymous said...

Don't judge all Jews by the JINOs. They are tyrant wannabes.
Obama's patron George Soros was born a Jew. His parents gave him to a non-Jew to protect him from the Holocaust, just before they were hauled off to the camps.
George was about 12 at the time, as I recall.
George willingly went around showing the Nazis where the Jews lived so their property could be stolen and they could be shipped off to the camps.
There are evil people of all heritages, ethnicities, and religions.
Feinstein is evil, not because of her name or because she pretends to be a Jew, but because of her behavior.
There are plenty of Jews who have no use for the JINOS and their colleagues in crime. See and, specifically to see for yourself how many Jews feel about Feinstein and the others who seek to disarm us so they can control us.

Anonymous said...

Once victims - forever victims.

None learn that being a victim is the clearest indication that the victim has been doing something wrong in the self defence stakes.

We should thank victims as they instruct us in the incorrect responses to brutality.


DC Wright said...

Mike. There's no link.

Anonymous said...

About 15 years ago, I was doing preventative maintenance on a furnace at an older ladies house. Once I completed the work and went inside to get the service ticket signed, she handed me an NRA magazine to read. Don't remember which issue it was, but I will always remember what she told me. She was a Jew in Germany during WW2, and they were banned from owning guns. With an illegal pistol she stopped 2 German soldiers from taking them to the camps, they fled afterwards ending up here in America. She said, "An illegal pistol saved our lives."

oughtsix said...

"An illegal pistol saved our lives."

Wasn't the first time and it won't be the last... by many thousands.

A Texan said...

I echo was carlwk3c said. I am Jewish and have, as Rep. Dick Armey once said, "more guns than I need, and less than I want." I know many who are similarly situated - none of us are going to be boarding any cattle cars or taking any forced "showers" while our bodies are warmer than our guns.

Yes, there are good, bad and indifferent people in any sufficiently large group. I disavow any relationship with Feinstein, Schumer, etc. - to me they are definitely JINOs. They refuse to acknowledge that 3 of our holidays involved Jews defending themselves: Passover (celebrating the Exodus), in which "the Jews went armed out of Egypt;" Purim, when Jews resisted a Persian attempt at genocide about 2,500 years ago with arms; and Hannukah, in which the Maccabbees (from a family of the priestly class) and their followers revolted against the Syrian Greeks who had defiled the Holy Temple, and established an independent Jewish state (until the Romans came in about 100 years later).

The Talmud - a series of books explaining the various laws in the 5 Books of Moses (the Torah) - has a passage in which it says words to the effect of "if someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first."

Self-defense and fighting for liberty are not at all foreign to Judaism. Those Jews (by descent) who insist otherwise are either igonorant, or just plain JINOs.

Charles N. Steele said...

To SFMEDIC: The Israelis can't figure out why Jews voted Obama either.