Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dead Elephant Party "Poised To Lose The Second Amendment Battle."

This actually gives the GOP too much credit. "Progressives are never content to win an argument, election or debate, nor would they even be capable if they were honest about their agenda. Instead they focus on the long war, small pieces and coordinated, seemingly disparate actions on different tracks and never stop until they reach their goal. Meanwhile, Republicans are busy contradicting one another, capitulating and/or fighting to be the Democratic Media Complex’s flavor of the week."
LATER: More No Balls Boehner -- What passes for "leadership" in the GOP these days.


Anonymous said...

Mike no matter what happens, Civil war is at the door. The only way to stop this now is to be rid of the current governence and start over. Thats not going to happen. What was started by knowingly putting a known communist and his crownies in the whitehouse, Cannot now be undone.It no longer matters what congress dose or dose not do. The fuse is lit. Far to many on both sides now belive that only the total extermination of the other side will bring utopia. I'm sorry Mike I know how hard you worked to head off this nightmare, but this has taken on a life all its own. I don't think we CAN stop it now.Reason and logic have left the building ,Christ and humanity will soon follow.

Anonymous said...

Compromise with communists who have laid political siege to our Constitutional framework? Compromise with those who seek nothing less than capitulation and total overthrow and subversion of our Republic?

Nay, 'tis not compromise ...'tis collaboration and should be given no tolerance no quarter nor comfort.

Communist do not compromise. They divide, conquer, murder, plunder, rape and pillage. There will be no more free men. There will be oppressors and the oppressed.

...and may the chains rest lightly on your shoulders.