Friday, January 25, 2013

More "Under-the-radar" Obama citizen disarmament. DoD once again breaks law and begins to destroy military brass

David Codrea discovers: Fort Drum brass destruction threatens reloading supply and more. There is a link to the original document uncovered by David there as well.
A report received yesterday by Gun Rights Examiner indicates at least one military installation is still destroying expended ammunition brass, despite a furor raised in the gun community a few years back that resulted in two senators intervening to stop the practice and allow for its resale for reloading. The Dec. 2012 Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan for Fort Drum, N.Y., marked “Revision 1,” describes its policy for brass and expended munitions as part of its installation recycling program, which includes rendering expended ammunition brass unsuitable for anything but scrap.
We need to make this go viral, folks. Send it to every Second Amendment and pro-liberty email list you can.
LATER: Also from David Codrea -- ‘Cross lobby’ shows 'progressive' hypocrisy on church-state separation


Anonymous said...

If anything … call or write your senators and congressman SUPPORTING total gun bans. Tell your friends and family to do the same. Why? Does anyone here think that we are achieving anything but delaying actions on the march to total ban on all semi-auto weapons? Just look at NY. Does anyone doubt that the “slow, gradual, long game” is the best play for them? “Bit by bit, piece by piece, chip the constitution away” is the path to victory for these people. And, most importantly, they have the demographics on their side – WAAYY on their side. In a few years they will be able to VOTE all of our rights away. They will control the House, Senate, President and Supreme Court. The Constitution will be “legally” scrapped. We are being absorbed by the Socialist Blob and they are growing stronger – year, by year, by year. The long game is their path to Total Victory.

Enough. Let it happen now. Let them ban all guns and for the individual states to break away while we are strong enough to defend ourselves. If we wait another 4,8,12,16 years it will only be a more bloody and nasty process … because the Socialists will not be as scared of us anymore.

I say: the slow death march is apparent, undeniable, irreversible.

I say: we are stronger than we have ever been RIGHT NOW. 20 million background checks for guns in 2012 alone. Probably 15 million more in private sales. God only knows how many guns changed hands that didn’t require background checks.

I say: we will never be stronger than we are now. Every passing year will result in our children and grandchildren being indoctrinated into the Social Collective.

I say: If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace….

1911A1 said...

The logic of the preceding post, while harsh, is inescapable.

Paul X said...


As to DoD breaking the law, that is impossible. Laws are for the peons, not for the rulers.