Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kurt Hofmann: With GOP sellout on private sales looming, non-compliance is second-to-last step

Sometimes, one is faced with the choice of being "law-abiding," or of being free. In such times, "law-abiding" comes in as a very distant second, in terms of quality of choices.


Anonymous said...

How could they possibly enforce such a statute? There are criminals out there - RIGHT NOW - who make a living selling illegal guns to other criminals. Are even a minute fraction of those people prosecuted - EVER! - for that? How would they know? What are they going to do? Interrogate everyone who has ever purchased a firearm since the instant background check system was established? How many people bought guns in 2012 alone?

It seems to me that they cannot possibly enforce such a law. About the only thing they COULD use such a monstrosity for is to give them a way to silence political opponents by throwing them into a federal prison.

TimeHasCome said...

" Obey little , resist much" Walt Whitman

Anonymous said...

Evidence has shown....
BATFE and DOJ are the biggest straw salesmen in the U.S. , bar none!
Who will go to jail..no one or scapegoats of less than zero conse(I)quence!

And the NRA... Please.. i dumbed my lifetime membership when they backed a anti-gun ny political race ( cant recall the womens name- but she sold out as i predicted and said she would) afew yrs. ago.

Seems to me "proving" when joe and john sold weapons to each other is impossible to prove .... EXCEPT!
After they pass "The Law" and go into FBI mode...ie, creating the sale themselves, you know...
CI's, hidden evidence, hidden trials, National Security classification...creation of the crime itself.

Indeed.. These are trying times and a new day in on the rise.

AntiCitizenOne said...

The Revenge Amendments:

If they do try and push through a universal background check/registration bill - tell your congresspeople to paste on the following amendments:

National CCW reciprocity

Some sort of DC Concealed Carry Law

Repeal of the Hughes Amendment and Gun Free School Zone Act

Nullification of all existing state-level AWBs

Anonymous said...

The only purposes universal checks would serve would be 1) To add one more step in the erosion process 2) Give the feds an excuse to always seize every firearm seen in any circumstance to "run a simple check" through a national registration database to see if it was legally transferred.

ebola131 said...

You forgot...
Full repeal of the anti-Constitutional "Gun Grabber Law of 1934"
Full repeal of the anti-Constitutional "Gun Grabber Law of 1968"
All of this is dancing around the pole.
I don't know who "fires the first shot", it really doesn't matter.
They will call us insurrectionists and we will call them tyrants.
What we are is freedom fighters.
They have all the assets.
We have God and our wits.
Prepare for years in the "wilderness".

AntiCitizenOne said...

If they DO come for your guns after registration...

Then a 100 heads it shall be, and they will know the truth of the 2nd amendment.