Friday, January 25, 2013

What's a fair price for these?

Need to raise some quick money for utility bills and meds so I am taking some items to the Bessemer gun show tomorrow. What I'd like to know is what is a fair price for the AK-74 magazines and ammo I have to sell? (Long ago sold my 74 and I found these in the basement while cleaning out looking for reloading components.)
First is a orange bakelite 30 rounder (East German, I think). It looks like this:
Next I have 4 polymer Bulgarian 30 rounders, 2 from Factory 10, 1 from Factory 21, 1 from Factory 25:
The last magazine is a steel one (Romanian?) that looks like this:
All are in used but excellent condition. Finally I have 360 rounds of Russian 5.45 x 39 ammunition, repacked in AK-74 stripper clips and US 4 pocket bandoleers with the stripper clip guides.
The prices on the Internet are no guide because everybody is out of stock. I was thinking $250-$300 for the whole, but a buddy just called me to say $400.00 was more reflective of what's there. Fair? You tell me.
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Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty fair to me based on prices seen in Tennessee gun shows. Frankly, I don't think you'd be skinning them alive to charge an even $300 considering the battle-packing, etc.

Anonymous said...

Supply and demand , you know the story. I've been into the Com - bloc stuff for a while . The Ammo for year's has been running depending on make , Import 20 rd box / 5.00. Name brand U.S. made ammo double the price. I saw this coming ,so I'm good I got mine at these prices BEFORE the panic. NOW you could double the price and still sell it. The Mags. were going for / steel 30rd. 10.00. The poly-mag,s 20 - 30.00 bucks. The red dawn mag. was going for about 50 - 75.00 bucks. The mags you`ve got are the good one`s with steel reinforcing around the release tab . These as with the ammo ,double the above old price , and you could get it, or more. The stripper clip`s were going for a buck apiece. Walk around or send someone if your not up to it and see what other vendor`s are getting , before pricing your gear. Don't give your stuff up too cheap just to make a quick sale. I'm 300 miles from you or I'd buy it myself. Good Luck.

warhead said...

I'd say $400 obo with the current hysteria .

Badger said...

Just came from a show a the fairgrounds down the street not 10 minutes ago, where everything is firmly in the stupid column. I'm with your amigo that suggested $400 FIRM for the lot - split it 280 mags / 120 ammo if it makes you feel better to think of it that way.

If you run into someone who actually handles -74's, who may actually be the magnet for someone shopping to feed theirs, will pay $400-450 no sweat. It is that nuts. Yes, it's a demand thing, but it would be of less effect if so many grasshoppers hadn't been fiddling while we ants were stocking up.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Well, are you looking for a fair price or current market price? You could put a sign on the ammo that says "Auction at 11AM" (or whenever) and see what it brings. You might be surprised. Nobody can complain that an auction isn't fair. Although you might end up just selling it to a rich fool.

Along those lines -- I'm not sure stashing away gold bullion is great SHTF prep. Better to stash ammo and MRE's going into the SHTF, 'cuz you'll be the one coming out of the SHTF with the gold bullion.

Bystrom said...

I sold my AK 74 a couple weeks ago at Birch Run, MI gun show. I sold the SAR2 rifle and one bake-lite for $775. I was offered 7 countered with 9, and came back to $775. nothing done to the rifle, 94 ban de-Mil'd.

I sold the E. German rain camo pouch (holds) and 4 bake-lites for $240

2180 rounds (in the cans) of 7N6 was sold for $750 total. I think that works out to around 35 cents/round. I sold 150 rounds of loose 7N6 for 20 cents/round or $30.

$1795 for the whole rig. it was all sold in the parking lot while waiting to get in the show.

bondmen said...

East German bakelites sre $50. Bulgy 5.45 mags 40 to 45 Circle 25 is scarcest of the lot.
Steel mags with spines are 25 to 30each.
For IDing AK mags see:

Ammo prices for 5.45:

Charles N. Steele said...

Current market price is fair price. If everyone thinks you are unfairly high, they won't pay and sensible ones will make counter offer. Whatever price two people voluntarily agree to is fair.

If someone had the foresight or luck to buy when demand is low, they do nothing wrong by selling when demand is high; in fact, by doing this they help stabilize prices and make other people better off. Their profit is earned and nothing to be ashamed of.

The free market is morally superior to socialism, not just more efficient. So long as one doesn't cheat others or use deceit, one should not be embarrassed about earning profits.

It would be interesting to hear what they sell for, although perhaps that info is personal.

Good luck and may your earnings be high.

Charles N. Steele said...

While I am at it, St. Thomas Aquinas argued that it was a sin to sell goods for more than one paid, unless one had especially great needs (indigentia) oneself, or improved the goods in some way, including by getting them to a time and place where they were more needed. This was known as the "double rule" and was standard doctrine in the Catholic Church for centuries, perhaps still is.

Again, profiting under these circumstances is not morally objectionable. We should not apologize for earning profits any more than for owning firearms.

I emphasize this because it is not so much the left's view of guns we are battling for survival, but their entire twisted view of ethics.

Anonymous said...

$65 per mag but the bakelight should sell for 75 easy... ammo should sell at 1.5% hither than if normal priced.

Anonymous said...

List it on gunbroker wirh a $400 starting price...