Thursday, January 24, 2013

MY tax dollars at work.

The new Huffman High School complex, constructed at an estimated $50 million, after the old buildings were vandalized to death.
Birmingham teacher gives R-rated 'Django' assignment to students; parents question exercise.
I wouldn't worry about the students being propagandized for race war, though, since I see most of them playing hooky, cruising around during school hours and hanging at the liquor store in the old strip mall next door (which also includes my favorite thrift store).


Anonymous said...

How purrty!

Too bad education is optional.

Anonymous said...

Good idea as the movie was so historically accurate. Mandingo fighting? Really?

And that is why schools should rightly be called "indoctrination camps"...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's pretty bad when you are rooting for the kids to play hooky and eventually drop out--

Anonymous said...

The problem with this movie is that there are no actual documented cases of forced "death matches" between slaves - it never happened.
Yet, the same ignorance of history and current events that allowed the ascendancy of our current fool-in-chief will in turn allow this fiction to be accepted as fact.
Ignorance and tyranny go hand in hand.