Saturday, January 26, 2013

Well, I made enough to pay the electric bill.

Which made the whole exercise worthwhile. Thanks for all your suggestions about what a fair price was. Unfortunately the Bessemer show is small, so the numbers of folks looking for AK74 stuff was smaller (not that there weren't long lines out to the highway standing waiting to get in). Still, it was enough although I was seriusly insulted by some of the first offers. Many of the prices for weapons were still outrageous compared to a few months ago, but, hey, that's the market.

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IowaIraqVet said...


I read your blog about every day when I can. I, and many of my friends and co-workers, agree with you on how serious the hour is. All I can tell you is this: Thank our Savior for all you have, even if it may seem like it's not always enough to get by. HE is ultimately in charge, and will get you through rough times (bills, health, etc...) I'm sure you already know all this. I just want you to know that we (your readers) are holding you up in prayer. Our reward is in Christ. In the end, the bad guys and reprobate leaders of this world will inherit the Lake of Fire.