Sunday, January 20, 2013

A the Gunwalker cover-up sputters to a largely successful conclusion . . .

Rep. Issa calls ATF nomination 'slap in the face' to family of slain agent


Anonymous said...

quote:"A third report looking at the Just Department and ATF responses to the scandal is forthcoming." unquote

Here's a draft.

"Move on along folks..nothing to see here. Bar's open. I propose a toast to F&F. Here's to a job well done, Operation Sandy notwithstanding."

VIOLENCE-R-US ONLY forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Whats worse, a slap in the face or pissing on their grave ?
I'm still waitin' for comrade Fonda to kick the bucket so I can make the trip to her final resting place with a sixpack and a funnel.

Obama deserves at least the same dedication.

Yank lll

David Forward said...

@ Yank III: Better get there early because there's going to be one helluva of a long line 6 abreast on both sides...we're going to make that hole look like a ruptured septic tank...payback's a bitch.
5th SF Nam 3/68 - 9/70
Nous Defions