Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unexpected trip to the doctor yesterday, unexpected C-T scan today.

Sorry, guys, but I am still in the rut of two steps forward, one step back. You may recall that I had a post-op infection that drained out my back. Over the months, that wound has never healed completely, although some times it was looking like it, only to get worse with drainage ranging from clear to pussy. (Sorry if you are reading this before breakfast.) Anyway, the drainage has recently picked up and I was compelled to get to the doctor yesterday, who scheduled the C-T scan for this morning. This has screwed up my writing times so the past few days have been more than sparse. I'll try to pick up the pace sometime this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mike. No apology needed. Your health is numero uno. Everything else can wait. Besides, we all know this stuff is beyond our control anyway, will happen anyway, and eventually come out somewhere, some time if you can't get to it. Prayers done. Hope you feel better soon.