Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another country heard from . . . "I hope that someone someday shoot your whole family just practicing."

Anti-gun and Anti-Hunting Radicals Attack U.S. Trap Shooter.


TPaine said...

Wonder if the SPLC is adding these obviously brain-dead troglodytes to their hate center list.

And now I will put on my PETA shirt - you know - People Eating Tasty Animals.

And - you have beat me with your Captcha codes. I quit.

Knuck said...

Sure is easy to post something when you are a unknown coward.

Knuck said...


CowboyDan said...

Is there a bright line between protected "free expression" and a "terroristic threat?"

I think those "comments" sounded pretty threatening, but I'm sensitive to things like that.

Happy D said...

Someone should introduce these "Animal Crackers" to the 100 heads principle.
The number of hunters that have told me they would retaliate for violence against them resulting in injury is significant.
The number of non-hunting gun owners that have told me they would join in against these terrorists is even more significant.

W W Woodward said...

It's unfortunate that the people who assign more importance to animal life than to human life refuse to put their own lives on the line to support their agenda.

Volunteering to kill themselves and will their bodies to be used as animal food in order that their beloved animals will not starve to death would be a good and admirable start.

AJ said...

Wow. That's just plain chickenshit.