Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another "anonymous" country heard from . . . Bloomie, ist dat du?

Reacting to my post -- "NYPD: The gang that couldn't shoot straight. What a great argument for more gun control, right Bloomie?" -- Mr. Anonymous, the most prolific collectivist poster here responds:
Let's now hear a bit about how a bunch of beer-bellied yahoos with John Wayne fantasies dancing in their heads would do so much better at avoiding hitting bystanders in a real life armed exchange with bad guys than intensively trained police officers. C'mon, give us a chuckle. If that NY street had been populated by readers of this blog, there'd have been a pile of dead bodies on that street, and many of the corpses would have been Vanderboegh's blog buddies, shot in a circular firing squad by their country bumpkin comrades. Sorry for bringing some reality to your little fantasy land. You may now return to jerking off to old John Wayne movies. Better not publish this one either, Mike. Give in to your old Stalinist instincts and suppress inconvenient facts with all your might. You pathetic little toad.


Roger J said...

This beer-bellied yahoo now working on his 2nd Master's degree could hardly have done worse than the NYPD officers with their pathetic 100-round-a-year "intensive training." Of 16 shots fired by the officers, only 10 found the perp. That however, was better than the NYPD Street Crimes Unit managed at close range in 1999 when shooting down Amadou Diallo, a man they later discovered was not the criminal they sought. In this case only 19 of 41 shots fired at very close range hit the target.

AJ said...

What a state-worshipping, bootlicking, spineless worm of a douche.

John Otis Comeau said...

all these trolls I've seen over the past few years seem to follow the same script: use name-calling and other ad-hominem attacks for maximum effect, never offer constructive criticism, never give a real name traceable to an actual person. he's probably pulling a pitiful paycheck from some 3-letter agency for staying on top of gun-advocacy forums and ridiculing people for 40 hours a week.

Da Curly Wolf said...

*facepalm!* Ow....
Damn that dude is stupid as a stump. I know people that practice constantly and others that competition shoot that put more rounds downrange in a MONTH than entire POLICE DEPARTMENTS do in a YEAR.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Wow - really?

First, (s)he's enough of an idiot that (s)he thinks police are "extensively trained."

What a maroon!

As to the rest, at <15 feet, I'll blow off 15 rounds in <5 seconds and put every round in a bunch you can cover with a closed fist.

At <10 (the REAL range, AFAIK) I'll do it with my eyes closed.

That's no "fantasy" - that's real life, and damn near every "gun nut" I know can say the same.

Now... Given how Bloomie and his ilk handicripple their oinkers with DAO monstrosities, it might slow us up to maybe 7-10 seconds instead of <5, but it wouldn't make accuracy that much worse... I'll still guarantee every round is in a standard FBI silhouette target.

Your superheroes ain't, and their magic tin talisman ain't either.


Anonymous said...

(ist DAS du) Why don't you list rope smoker's email address so we reply to him ourselves?

Happy D said...

The fact that "intensively trained police officers" have the worst safety and accuracy record of all gun owners (source U.S. Justice Department)just never gets relayed to these drones.

Anonymous said...

Spent an hour at the range Sunday with my 10 year old daughter. We were shooting next to 3 Border patrol agents. She shot 20 X's in a row on a b-5 silouette at 20 yards. All three border patrol guys came over to watch her shoot.
I couldn't understand why they were so interested until I saw their targets. They were all over the place.

WarriorClass III said...

If one or more of the three percenters were faced with this situation, it would have been one shot-one kill, no innocents harmed.

You see, we pay for our own ammo.


SWIFT said...

Mr. Anonymous; I am one of those "country bumkins" you mention in your post. If you consider NYPD to be highly trained, you'd never want to see my skills with a handgun. The demonstration would put shivers in your commie spine. You are probably a member of that shrinking group that believes the "only ones" who should have handguns are the military and police. Too bad, so sad. We are out here and we are legion.

Frederick H Watkins said...

"intensively trained police officers"

That's a good one. LOL.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of police officers I've known only qualified once or twice a year with a few mags worth of ammunition. Most carried the same lint filled weapons and never cleaned, nor practiced with them.

My best friend (a state trooper) is an exception that actually has a side business teaching tactical training.

Granted, most gun owners don't train/practice much with their sidearms either....however, the vast majority of the CCW holders I know train very regularly (2+ times per month) and with dynamic/tactical drills.

I'd wager that most of the "recreational" self defense shooters I know, would have made better decisions and more accurate shots than these officers, especially when one considers the fact that one of the innocent by-standers was shot by police at an unconscionable 8 FEET!

Perhaps the thing that will make this 'anonymous' author even more frightened is the fact that there are a lot of civilians out there training more for the inevitable clashes with these ill-trained LEOs who usurp fundamental, Constitutionally-protected rights than for active shooter scenarios or would-be robbers and muggers.


Anonymous said...

I've seen people freeze before when put in a situation they have trained for. One that sticks out was int the middle of the night we are on the 44 foot motor life boat in the middle of the channel searching for a boat that hit the jetty. Luck was with and we found the man treading water in 4 foot seas. The rescue swimmer was suited up but when time came to enter the water he froze, just couldn't get him to move no matter what. Someone else had to rescue the victim but by this time it was to late and all our efforts didn't help.

That rescue swimmer had trained at least a 100 times for this one chance to save a person in distress but instead he panicked.

One of those Cops panicked and you can see it in the video. I don't know how many shoot don't shoot videos he trained with or night shoots with lights flashing sirens blaring and people screaming. Doesn't matter training it's never like the real thing. Not say don't train because it does help.

I don't know about Mister Anonymous but I've been there and done that so I know what I would do in situation.

I like to think of my self as part of the 3 percent but know I'm just to damn old to get much done. Still if push comes to shove still a little fight left in me.

US Coast Guard (Ret)

Anonymous said...

Mr anymouse if the New Jokes finest were so intensively trained how come the did a spray and pray in the street and they were the only ones wounding civilians?
As to intensively trained I go to the same range as some of the local gendarmerie and watch them do spray and pray too.
I prefer to aim first then fire..but then again thats just me.
Have a great day toad.

David Forward said...

The sad fact of the matter is that NYPD patrol officers only have to qualify at the range, against paper targets, twice a year. A study by the Rand Corp - - which was commissioned by the NYPD found that standard training for officers to respond effectively -- and safely -- in the streets was woefully inadequate.

Your average "beer bellied redneck," which this poster seems to believe fits all private citizens who use guns, probably fires 3 to 4 times a month at both paper and simulated tactical (moving) targets. Hence, the typical hayseed is much more proficient with a firearm in actual combat situations than the average city cop.

If I was an unarmed (and I've never been unarmed in my adult life) citizen and a gunfight like this NYC fiasco broke out, I would prefer to have people who actually knew how to use a gun -- i.e., the beer-bellied redneck -- shooting at the bad guy than most street patrol cops in the country. But then I just desire to survive, not just make ideological politically correct points with ad hominem attacks against those who believe differently than me. Just sayin'....

Torque said...

"...intensively trained police officers."
Based on results, this is not a true statement. Watch the video, talk about the John Wayne Movie/mentality on the trigger pull and their training/conditioning.

Seremzh said...

Law enforcement guns use heavier trigger pulls ( leading to less accuracy.

The average civilian practices more times a year than the law as well.

Anonymous said...

Another country indeed. I can offer a small retort. First you are hilarious in your assumptions that the readers of this blog are beer-bellied cowboys with delusions and romantic notions of the gun fight. Gun fights are horrible, chaotic, and never seem to go down like they do on TV, at best if you lack "proper training" you are a clumsy, bullet spewing, hyperventilating, clown, at best because you manage to do what you have to do while in this condition. Well, I am going to say right off the bat that these cops need better training, more rounds fired, more scenario training, more force on force. It is a shame and appaling that the men and women meant to protect the citizens in NY ended an incident with these results. Quite frankly, if Bloomberg wasnt demonizing firearms and instead advocating for their proper use, in combination with a strong propper culture of shooting in his area of responsibility maybe the results would have been different. He should be ashamed and he should resign because he did not ensure that his cops were up to the task of protecting the people; they made a bad situation even worse. Those injured by the NYPD have families and I would love to hear what they have to say.
Oh, and the gun ban in NY? How is that working for you? Or for that matter Chicago? You in another country are delusional.

bloodyspartan said...

Well First Off A S S H O L E, they would have made sure of what was behind their target.

Second they would have hit what they Aimed for.

Third Only one would have fired, the shots and fourth the Other would have covered Him looking for an Accomplice or better yet both would have remained hidden till there were less folks.

Simple enough for you Maroon!

blackdog said...

Thats a pretty big "if". Got many real world examples to back up your fantasy? Something tells me there are far more examples of what actually did happen than of your imaginary occurance.
Plus, do you really think the police train more intensely than the singular man who is intent on protecting his freedom and family?

Anonymous said...

LOL "intensive training" what fantasy land is this guy living in?

Heck, in nc, to qualify the police only have to score an 80. Private security personnel(security guards) have to score a 90!

Of the mandated 620hr BLET course, only 12hrs is firearm training!