Monday, August 27, 2012

CSM: "US 'civil war' fears abound."

"The UN will not 'mess with Texas,' Martin Nesirky, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman, tells Reuters."
Well, that's reassuring, coming as it does from that paragon of rectitude, the United Nations. Purty smart on their part, I'd say.
The author of the article, however, makes this statement:
Today’s stakes, though substantial, are not of civil-war caliber. Whether Obama or Romney is elected in November, chances are great that the workings of the Constitution will temper any revolutionary strains, as it has since the end of the Civil War.
This is whistling past the graveyard of history, pure and simple. What if, for example, the election is stolen, or perceived to be stolen?
The damage that has been done to the perceived legitimacy of the federal government by this administration is greater than any other time in history, save in the run-up to the War Between the States, and probably even then. The Gunwalker Scandal is only a small part of that. Does the author think that just because someone declares the election to have been "fair" or the Supreme Court votes 5-4 that something is "legal" when it is blatantly unconstitutional on its face will be meekly accepted? Does he think people will merely roll over for more depredations upon their liberty and property?
This Christian Science Monitor reporter doesn't get around much, does he?
We are closer to civil war right now than at any time since 1861. Believe it.


rexxhead said...

"We are closer to civil war right now than at any time since 1861. Believe it."

I believe it.

Anonymous said...

I'v seen this coming for years,I'v been called a fearmonger and much worse. But anyone with eyes and a working brain can see this coming now. At this point I don't belive that the government will allow peacefull change,and I dread war. We are headed for a bloodbath. The only way to avert it is to roll the US back to pre 1900 law, and the fed-nazis are never gonna' do that. I truly beleve that the scum in DC WANTS civil war.

WarriorClass III said...

There's no stopping a civil war who's time has come. In fact, it has already started to go hot and the Obama supporters have fired the first shots. What do you think all those "flash mobs" are about?

The Republican leaders have sided with the Big Government crowd with further fraud in their primary as they have done previously with the diebold voting machines overwhelmingly supporting McCain in 2008 and now Romney in 2012.

Even Romney supports can only find one reason to vote for him, - to get rid of Obama. That's not much of an endorsement.

Add to that the Government debt bubble which is about to pop and you will see Government handouts shrivel to nothing and Taxes more than doubled to pay interest on the debt to the banking cartel.

The writing's on the wall, folks.


Judgement Comes said...

Let's see...We have drones deployed...we have troops trained and deployed explicity for domestic 'unrest'...we have a chief executive who is a clear and present danger to the sovreignty of the U.S. ... We have multiple domestic 'law enforcement' organizations who are issuing RFPs for over a billion rounds of ammunition for distribution across the country. Local law enforcement is better equipped than most third-world armies. We have a completely corrupt governing body in charge. We have a media that is completely incapable of clear and factual reporting. What could possible go wrong?