Saturday, August 11, 2012

More "Repeal the Second Amendment" Collectivist Excrement.

Why is this clueless, bloody-minded, tyrannical moron smiling?
This time from a Salt Lake City doctor.
"The Second Amendment is dead — a victim of its own making. It has been killed over and over again. It’s been dying since the mass murders at the University of Texas Clock Tower, 101 California in San Francisco, McDonalds in San Diego, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Trolley Square, Fort Hood Army Base, and now Aurora, Colo. It only remains to be declared DOA and repealed — plain and simple."
My reply is below, which I was compelled to send though I doubt it gets printed. If it seems to be repetitive when compared to earlier letters to others, it is, with bare variations on the theme. I suppose if they can repeat themselves, I can too.
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From: georgemason1776
Sent: Sat, Aug 11, 2012 12:40 pm
Subject: RE: Clawson's proposal to repeal the Second Amendment and start a bloody civil war.
Evidently Herr Doktor Clawson hasn't studied the Law of Unintended Consequences, nor thought through his tyrannical proposal. He wishes to repeal the Second Amendment, overturning the keystone of the Founders' Republic, with an eye to confiscating military-pattern semi-automatic rifles -- all of this in order to prevent periodic mass shootings in "gun free" citizen disarmament zones such as schools and theaters. No doubt this would work -- by sparking a bloody, nationwide, civil war that would relegate such incidents to the back pages of the Tribune. It seems an odd way to preserve the lives of innocents.
I must ask, in addition to killing me, my family and all my friends -- Obama's despised "bitter clingers" all -- just how many millions of bodies is Herr Doktor willing to stack up to achieve his proposal? One million? Ten? Twenty? His own? I doubt that last, for such tyrant wannabes rarely have the courage of their own convictions, life rather than principle being the most important thing to them. Indeed, they extrapolate their intended victims' expected behavior from their own cowardice, knowing that THEY would not risk imprisonment or death in standing up to the imperial federal government over something as unimportant to them as liberty or property.
But Herr Doktor should at least comprehend the existence of people who would die for their principles, even if he considers them wrong or even insane. The problem for Clawson embodied by this inconvenient fact is that people who are willing to die for their principles are most often willing to kill in righteous self-defense of those principles too -- and generally at substantially more than a one-to-one ratio. And, not to put too fine a point on it, but we're the ones with the firearms, the training and the will to use them if forced. The tip-of-the-spear military also is made up of our sons and daughters. Just which way does he expect them to point their weapons when his tyrannical order to disarm the American people comes down?
So I ask again, how many millions of us and how many millions of his side in this proposed civil war is he willing to see dead in order to get his way? All of us? All of them? None of us?
If the answer, after sober reflection, is the latter, then I submit that Herr Doktor Clawson ought to shut the hell up in the face of that bloody reality. If not, then let him have the courage of his ill-thought convictions and lead the first federal gun confiscation raid himself.
Mike Vanderboegh
P.O. Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126


David Forward said...

It's simply amazing that a supposedly educated individual could write something so utterly ignorant. He fails to acknowledge why the 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution originally -- to insure that the citizenry had the same weapons capability as the government (and we've already slid precipitously far short of that)as a guard against tyranny.

Of course, ignoramuses such as the naive doctor has been programmed into accepting the collective as always being right -- hence no need to guard against something as "bizarre" as a tyrannical government. According to him, and all the mokes like him, all's well on the western front...the government is taking care of that.


Anonymous said...

I love your writing style. You totally dismembered that liberal octopus.

Anonymous said...

maybe if all his patents knew his true sentiments and the fact that he doesnt really care one bit about their safety he wouldnt have a practice very long , would he?
If He were my doctor and I saw his feelings on this, he wouldnt get any more of my money thats for sure. Thats where you have to hit these types, in the pocket book. If they are going to have a public opinion about this , than they better be able to take the shit thats going to come thier way for it.
Anyone who doesnt support my RIGHT to bear arms doesnt get to stay in my circle of trust, its that simple.

Anonymous said...

Proof that you can be highly educated, possess a Doctorate even, and still be dense as plutonium.

I'm sure that Doctor Density would be confused by applying his brilliant idea to many of the other amendments, and resort to proclaiming superiority of character based on his "being a doctor" instead of realizing his opinion regarding the Second was inane and lacking even the most miniscule quantity of logical thought.

Anonymous said...

..and of course he has no intention himself of carrying out this activity but he is quite willing to send the sons and daughters of others into what will definitely become a fire pit in hell.

A genuine refugee from natural selection.

Yank lll

Jimmy the Saint said...

Interesting thing that no one ever brings up about repealing the 2nd. At least one state signed on to the Constitution inclusive of the Bill of Rights (more accurately, with understanding that it would be subsequently included). Should any one of the 10 be voided, it would, in theory at least, authorize those states to withdraw from the Constitution.

kenlowder said...

What's really interesting is that if he really wanted to save
Ives he should stop practicing medicine. For more Americans are killed by medical errors than any for our guns! So in reality, yes I know that's obsurd to the left, your much safer near a gun than a doctor!

Happy D said...

A local Quisling in the local Quisling "news"paper.

There is a joke about the Tribune poisoning parrots with stupidity and/or ignorance when used to line the birds cage.

Anonymous said...

Doctor - heal thyself.
Hoplophobia is treatable.
When left untreated it can lead to premature accelerated death!

SWIFT said...

It was stupid for Clawson to mention the Texas Tower shootings. It was armed civilians who put a stop to the killings. Men driving by in their pick-up trucks, saw the commotion, got out their rifles and engaged the shooter, keeping him pinned down and unable to kill more people. Given the fact that most Americans have an attention span of one week, probably damn few even remember.

Anonymous said...

Went through the entire comments section but didn't see your Mike.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

maybe its time to PUBLISH a list.. a list of those who want us dead, a list of those who have corrupted our government, and a list of those who would , or are trying to remove our right to self protection..PUBLISH it and put it out there that we know who these traitors are

anyone here support this?

Anonymous said...

Much ado over nothing.

My right to keep and bear arms does not come from the Second Amendment. Even the Supreme Court has acknowledged that (US v Cruikshank 1876). I will have that right whether they repeal the amendment, amend it, or let it stand as is.

Let them have their wet dreams. They do not affect the realities of our situation any more than we permit.

Anonymous said...

Typical spew from the SL Trib-urinal.

You do know they are a NY Times wannabe sockpuppet and get most of their OP-EDs from the Times.

Dr. Douchebag is so far from the mainstream out here it is laughable. He can be ignored.

Great response on your part though! I will try to find out if your letter was printed.

Paul X said...