Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maybe the title should be "There is no United States."

"There is no California."


Anonymous said...

Maybe VDH should quit crying in his beer and sell out and leave. CA is in the same situation 18th century France was right before the Bastille was stormed. Salons of effete pseudo-intellectual dillatantes have used their money from their Silicon Valley ventures or their ridiculous motion pictures to destroy the work ethic and entrepeneur spirit of the Golden State. That is why my wife and I left.
Then, you have the ever-increasing crime rate. I hope all the Lotus Eaters in their green edens on the coast know which end of the firearm the bullet comes out of. They will have to learn quick.

David Forward said...

The USA is actually in much worse shape than California. We're rapidly devolving into a third world entity both socially and economically. Only by corrupt intervention -- i.e., generating a continuous stream of fiat money, political slight of hand, etc. -- and a lapdog effete lamestream media totally in the tank for the self anointed governing "intellectual" elites covering up the deterioration has kept our tenuous position tottering on the edge of abyss hidden from Boobus Americanus.

California (followed by the other progressive paradises such as Illinois, New Jersey, etc.)can't print their own money to pay their bills -- hence their perilous positions stand out for public viewing.

By the time Boobus Americanus sets aside their remote controls and quit watching the circus -- most likely when the government cheese factory slows production and less is freely distributed -- it will be too late. The sheeple will find that they have been totally fenced in and the gate locked.

At my age I don't worry much for myself; but I fret greatly for my kids (in their 30s), and weep for my grandkids who are going to live under the yoke of tyranny by an authoritarian government and never know what true liberty is.

Anonymous said...

It is good thing "assault weapons" are banned in Cali. If they weren't, crime might increase...oh, it already is...must be because of right wingers. :-)