Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Powerful Movie.

A friend invited Rosey and I to go see 2016 with him Friday night. It was an offer I certainly couldn't refuse since he was buying the tickets. It was, as Thomas Sowell says here, "a powerful movie."
I was planning on writing a review of it, but today has been a singularly rough day. Let me present Sowell's analysis instead, along my own recommendation that you all go see it. If you have someone close to you who still isn't convinced of the danger posed by Obama's anti-Americanism, be sure and take them too.
And always remember that when democracy turns to tyranny, the armed citizen still gets to vote.


Anonymous said...

" Beware of unknown politician's ,who come out of nowhere and have mass media marketing behind them!".( Hell,I know you know that !) There is another very informative movie that should be shown with '2016'. Watch this on 'You Tube ' all who will. " Psy - war ". See just how sick and twisted this place really is.

Jeffrey Quick said...

Eh, I dunno. We saw it Fri. (Niles OH, 9:15, 8 people in the theater). I enjoyed it (more than my wife), but there really wasn't much in the way of new information in it. But then, it wasn't made for the likes of me; it was made for fence-sitters and low-info voters...who will probably not see it. And if they do. they might not connect the dots to realize that practical anti-colonialism = "turn the US into a 3rd World hellhole." The final scene, with Obama shouting over his grade-school sycophants, was scary as hell though.

ATEXAN said...

I can,t afford to go see this..but have enjoyed reading all the postive comments, posted by all that have..on what an eye-opener it is...for those that voted for the POS..Hope u fillin better today ;)

Anonymous said...

Saw the movie today.........didn't tell me anything I didn't know. Everyone of those a**holes who voted for this cretin should be made to watch it so they might possibly get a clue as to how bad the guy is.

Anonymous said...

Saw the movie this afternoon and like Jeffrey and Anon it did not add much to what I already know. HOWEVER my wife who is a politically UN-motivated as they come summed it up with one word.....frightening.

So it WILL do some good if you can get folks away from Dancing With the NASCAR Idols long enough to see it.


CowboyDan said...

I went last night with the wife & 2/3 of our children. Her eyes were opened a bit. Like Anon1555, I already knew a lot of the material.

It was obvious that a lot of people had been reached in Africa. George Obama (isn't that his name?) looks just like his brother buts seems a nicer man, even though he's obviously toeing the party line.

It was interesting that things got ugly with Auntie Sara in the Obama home village. Do you think they know where their bread is buttered?

I wish Souza had gone much deeper into the Communist influences on Obama from Frank and Bill, et al., but he didn't.

Still & all, it was worth the time & money. My wife & kids got their eyes opened a bit, and that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems that Souza and others ASSSUME is the basic storyline of Zero. Folks wake up, the press is telling you squat.


I'm not discounting Souza drawing up his commie connections, muzzie allegiances, etc.

However, THERE IS NO PROOF whatesoever Barak Obama Sr. is his father. Ladies and gent's, there is ONLY ONE PHOTO OF ZERO, STANLEY ANN DUNHAM AND OBAMA SR. TOGETHER IN AN AIRPORT, in 1971. This is the father? Where are the pics of Stanley Ann with Obama Sr.? Where is proof of marriage? We know they never lived together. Where are the pics of a pregnant Stanley Ann Dunham? She is only holding Zero at age 2 in photos. There are numerous anomalies from the State Dept record and Obama Sr. was marrying different women.

Zero's life is a complete made up fabrication. Obama Sr. died in 1982. A Barack Obama Jr. showed up to pay his respects, and it wasn't the usurping fraud currently occupying the White Hut. It was Roman Obama another son of Obama Sr.

"Dreams" is all lies, written by Ayers. And Zero still has a social security number that fails e-verify, forged selective service registration, forged long form birth document he threw out in press conference. The man's parentage, birthplace, age, real name is all a BIG QUESTION MARK. Most likely Barry Soetoro, current Indonesian citizen.

Anonymous said...

Research Bari Shabazz. There are some interesting shenanigans with this supposedly dead person.