Friday, August 24, 2012

Is Richard Lynch coming to get yo' momma? Disinformation comes in all shapes and sizes.

“He said, they have the names addresses of every member of Congress, and the Senate, their wives, their children, the school that they go to, all the cabinet members, all of the head officials in Washington, all the officials in state governments. And he said, they will all be assassinated, quickly.”
Geez, why don't they threaten us with something we're scared of? Killing off all the Senate and House would, among other things, be -- in about 50% of the cases -- the right folks from a Constitutional point of view. Not that I'm condoning it, mind you, just that they ought to be more forward thinking with their disinformation.
Market Daily News claims to have broken the code on the DHS' massive ammo purchases. "Mystery Surrounding 1.2 Billion Rounds Of Ammo Solved."
The explanation? Why its a remake of that old Chuck Norris B-movie, Invasion USA.
After years warning of the out-of-the-blue presidential candidacy of Barrack Obama, Wiles appears most certain, again, that a powerful connection can be made between information he’s received from a high-level informant at Department of Homeland Security (DHS)—regarding the approximately 20,000 Russian commandos suspected of legally entering the U.S. from Canada—and conversations he had with an old acquaintance, the famous Russian spy of the old Soviet Union era, Colonel Stanislav Lunev.
“Colonel Stanislav Lunev told me, personally, years ago—he said, the Russian military strategy is, that, we [Russians] will strike so hard [at the U.S.], that there will be such shock, that the American people will surrender,” Wiles recalls, during a conversation he had with the spy over a several-day period in 1999.
“He was not talking about a nuclear, chemical [or] biological attack; he was talking about commandos in the country [U.S.]. He said . . . this is what he said, Spetznazs, which are the Russian commandos.
To take something like the massive ammo purchase that is, in fact, for the Obama regime delegitimizing and discrediting -- obviously they are frightened of, and getting ready to fight, their own people (something the people who are awake cannot fail to notice) -- and then to link it to some bovine excrement like an old script from Invasion USA offers cover for the regime by linking the very real purchase to a wild conspiracy theory that few would believe.
It also fails the logical smell test. Decapitating the governments -- federal, state and local -- of the United States would rob any invaders of exactly the Quisling class that they need to exert control. The presence of foreign troops on U.S. soil would unite people in a way that very little else could. Disinformation comes in all shapes and sizes, people. Try not to chase NWO pixies and just get ready for whatever comes. Then, in the very unlikely event that Invasion USA happens, you'll be ready. But I must tell you that I don't believe that Richard Lynch is coming to get yo' momma.


bloodyspartan said...

Remember when the Blew up the White House in Independence DAY?

Please let this be true, better than firing all of them and charging them with TREASON,

Like Major hassan, they will want to get paid.

Anonymous said...

Well this is obviously a crap story just published to scare those who can't add and unite the masses around our now despicable government.

Careful what you say on facebutt boys and girls, especially if you're a vet.

Despicable doesn't begin to describe these bastards. It ain't just the leadership boys and girls, it's all of them.

Anonymous said...

Nothing of real note here. Allegedly, according to the article, the source is listed as a DHS official. Sorry.....there's no name, and no official statement. Sounds like typical interwebz conspiracy theory.....and stupid theory at that.

LFMayor said...

At long last, all the heady, glorius, testosterone and Golan Globus fueled dreams of my teenage years will come to life.

MamaLiberty said...

Pretty sick...

Something that comes to mind more and more often, however:

Don't attribute to malice what can be more easily explained by stupidity and incompetence...

Toaster 802 said...

While a little out of the mainstream, it is no less valuable to wargame than any other scenario out there.

One problem for the Red team; American's are not Russian serfs or Chinese peasants.

While Farmers are the American version of the Kulaks, and will be demonized by Obots as they were by Bolsheviks, one thing stands in the way.

There is enough American's who remember the cold war and why we fought it. And that demographic is armed to the teeth. Hundreds of thousands of vets of the recent wars overseas, many of those spent their time fighting insurgents.

There will be plenty of Red Army fodder. But if they are counting on a full blown red revolution they have badly miscalculated.

Bring it I say. The sooner the commies tip their hand, the sooner We the People can return to a government for and by US.

And now, I return you to reality, already in progress...

CB said...

Even after F&F is gone I will still hang around reading SSI for level headed info and chuckles. You have a wit and a way with words that other writers envy.
Thanks Mike.

Anonymous said...

Well one thing is for damn sure the "Quisling class" has made themselves know in the last several year's. When I saw Joe Lieberman and Karl Levin ( of all the bottom feeder's in the U.S. senate ) who are as we know both Jewish, stand hawking the Hitlerian masterpiece N.D.A.A. ( Nazi Doctrine Applied in America ) I thought I was going to fall out of my chair !. What more proof of total disconnect from the American people could you ask for ?.I would rather they send Richard Lynch for me that their errand boy Lon Horiuchi.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Oh lawdy-lawd!
Puh-leeze, brer (russian)Bear -- Puh-LEEZE don' throw me in 'dat ole brier-patch!!

Anonymous said...

Neat article. Lets say for instance that there were 20,000 highly trained Russian SPETSNAZ here... Well, keeping an operation that large under wraps would be a major undertaking. Now imagine that they didnt seem to trip any DHS or LE wires. If they were very lucky of course. Now imagine that they collected weapons and ammo here without raising any red flags, that they aquired all they would need for that opertion.
Imagine the day they struck. They didnt carry any flags or wear uniforms, they didnt identify themselves as Russian infiltrators. They just waited for zero hour and conducted the operations. Lets say that they broke up into groups of 50 each. That would give them 400 teams, the ability to hit 400 cities. Imagine them doing this at the same time. Now lets make an assumption that they are highly trained and heavily armed. They dont seek to hold ground, they hit and move, and keep doing it. They have preselected targets to maximize impact, routes have been preplanned, contigencies have been put into place, safe houses secured. Imagine that this happened at noon on a saturday. What would our country look like by midnight sunday?
Not saying there is any validity to this story, it sounds like conspiracy theory hokey to me. Just saying that an infiltration operation like that would wreak havoc.
I know that wasnt the point of the article, but I got to thinking, if that did happen we would be totally crippled. I would hate to be the guys behind the plot when we got back off the ground though.

Anonymous said...

Hint to invaders - never threaten to take those we do not want and can do better without!

Don't waste your ammo as you will need ALL of it to try and look out for yourselves.

PS: Dedicated_Dad - wonder if SPETSNAZ Mothers (or Drill Sgts.) read Twains' stories to them?


AJ said...

Richard Lynch, R.I.P. :-(

Dedicated_Dad said...

Anon: Those were "Uncle Remus Tales" - and weren't from Twain - and No, I don't suppose they do, but if they were listening at all it just might help 'em find the reference...