Thursday, August 9, 2012

Live Tea or Die? Is the US Military Preparing To Quell the Tea Party?

The Small Wars journal article begins to gain notice in the larger world.
More on this later.


Anonymous said...

If you have won over PJTV's Tri-Fecta then you have won over the American people.

Thank you for your work MV.

Crotalus said...

ready to wage a guerilla war on our own military, for not all of them are oath keepers.

Anonymous said...

OK, I personally know a CURRENT serving Colonel who is on his way to Brigadier General. This ain't happening.

Thank God.

Anonymous said...

On April 14, 2009 I was declared a domestic terrorist. If they have a file on me, and I'm sure they do, they know I won't go easily.

John said...

The present administration cannot help knowing that most of the military would prefer to join the Tea Party than to shoot it. Therefore, the first step will be an attack on American servicemen by agents pretending to be Tea Party sympathizers.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing TV coverage of the huge crowd surrounding the Kremlin during the last hours of the USSR. Between the crowd and the building's walls were tanks, BMP's and dismounted infantry of the USSR's internal security forces. A reporter asked one of the young tank crewmen what they would do if ordered to fire on the crowd. What he said was worth remembering.

"If we are ordered to shoot, we will shoot! But we will miss!"

I think you can pretty much count on there being young men and women like him wearing our uniforms as well.

I remember reading of discussions in the Clinton administration on whether our military and police could or would carry out orders to disarm the American people. The conclusion if I recall was that the most probable outcome would have been massive refusal to carry out the orders and the eventual self destruction of both.

ShortTimer said...

That SWJ article made Drudge the other day as well.

Anonymous said...

The last 'Tea Party' did not end well for the Crown.

I guess it is American tradition - start the Civil War with a Tea Party!

Must be getting close - the Statists are gettig desperate.