Sunday, August 19, 2012

Genocide looms for white farmers in South Africa.

Mrs. Retha van Zyl, post mortem.
ODENDAALSRUS, FREE STATE Jan 6 2009 - Farmer Koos van Zyl (63) and his wife Retha (66), a much loved local teacher who had just retired, were ‘slaughtered like animals’ on their farm Poortjie in the Free State on January 5 2009, reports Volksblad newspaper.They were first attacked and cruelly mutilated with a meathook, and then shot dead with their own shotgun, said police. Netcare 911 spokesman Chris Botha described the scene as “absolute carnage’ after paramedics arrived. It was the second farm attack in the Odendaalsrust district within a week.
A 27-year-old suspect has been arrested, while fleeing in their daughter Marietjie’s red Chevrolet Avea sedan with a stolen sheep. Sergeant Majang Mosupa of the Free State police said Mrs Van Zyl had apparently gone outside to turn on the electricity generator when she was attacked. It is suspected that the attacker, a former labourer who was fired for stealing from the couple only a day earlier, had apparently turned off the generator off to her outside. Mr Van Zyl, who was frail and very ill, was then attacked in the kitchen with a meathook which slashed open his neck and head, said Mosupa, while Mrs Van Zyl, who had also been attacked several times with the meathook, then was tied up and dragged through the homestead. The couple then both were shot in their chests with a shotgun.
Family history has it that the Vanderboegh (also rendered as van der boeg and van de boeg) history begins in Zeeland in the Netherlands on the coast near the Belgian border. We first were farmers on the island of Cadzand, then migrated to Vlissingen across the water where we became boatbuilders about the time of Admiral De Ruyter. (The "boeg" is the prow of a ship, also referring specifically to the hawser hole where the anchor rope ran through. Thus, "Vanderboegh" means "man from the bow of the boat.") When the troops of Napoleon overran the Netherlands, they deliberately put the Dutch shipbuilding industry out of business and the impoverished Vanderboeghs returned to the farms around Cadzand. (I always knew there was a reason I didn't much care for the French.)
In 1849, my branch of the Vanderboeghs, who belonged to a bunch of religious dissenters of the Dutch Reformed Church called "the Seceders", decided to go to America, where they settled in western Michigan. Others migrated to South Africa. As near as I can tell, the name itself seems to have died out in both Holland and South Africa, leaving only those of us in America with the ancient moniker. But whatever the descendants of the Vanderboeghs who went to South Africa are called these days, they are in increasing danger.
A hat tip to World Net Daily for bringing my attention to this article: Genocide looms for white farmers.
The article is largely drawn from reports gathered by Genocide Watch, a non-partisan international group, according to its mission statement, "exists to predict, prevent, stop, and punish genocide and other forms of mass murder. We seek to raise awareness and influence public policy concerning potential and actual genocide. Our purpose is to build an international movement to prevent and stop genocide."
Genocide Watch lists South Africa as "Stage Five, Polarization, just at the edge of Stage Six, Preparation." (Stage Seven is the Genocide itself.) Here is the latest report.


Legal Alien said...

As an ex-pat South African (been here in the USA since 1997) I cry whenever I read one of these reports.

All my family is still in South Africa and I fear for them every day.

My youngest brother was car-jacked and shot in the leg (luckily not a fatal shot) and left on the side of the road.

And Malema and Zuma keep on singing "Kill the Boer".

Legal Alien (an expat Dutchman)

David Forward said...

From the Genocide Watch report: "The government has disbanded the commando units of white farmers that once protected their farms, and has passed laws to confiscate the farmers’ weapons. Disarmament of a targeted group is one of the surest early warning signs of future genocidal killings.

And many question why there is a core of Americans who refuse to be disarmed. In the South African case it's racism; in Germany and Turkey it was religion mixed with ethnicity; and, in China it was political ideology -- the common thread uniting those populist regimes is that they disarm those they want to either control or eliminate.

Anonymous said...

When you mention west Michigan, are you talking about Holland, MI? I have family near Pella, IA, another Dutch settlement. Were they part of the Seceders, too? Kinda funny, as I would consider myself a modern day seceder! If at first you don't secede, try, try again.

Anonymous said...

Africa always wins . If you didn't notice he wants us to pay for that too , grand idea .

Anonymous said...

They'll get no support from the outside world. As far as they're concerned, it's all payback for the apartheid years.

Apocalypto said...

Having worked in Africa off and on and hunted there as well, I maintain an active interest in what is happening there. I am quite familiar with the murders of white farmers and their families since the ANC took charge. I have a friend who is a professional hunter who keeps me informed when he is not out in the Mozambique bush. I hunted a farm in Limpopo in 2005 and was last on the Continent in 2009 in northeastern Tanzania. I know first had what Africa is like, having worked in several hot areas flying C-130's for various relief organizations. Yours is the only reference I have seen anywhere relating to the ongoing situation in RSA. Thanks for posting this.

David said...

Well, you're really late getting to the 'party', Mike. This has been going on for a long time.

A primary website for SA news is:

Andriana J. Stuijt used to live and work in SA, but is now living in the Netherlands. She has good contacts and gets email and such from there everyday. Be sure to click the headings at the top of her page, and read her older postings.

Another site is:

He is a SA guy now living in Australia. Most of his family is still in SA.

Another site is:

Sarah is located in Britain. She will post reports of/from SA. She maintains a meter/running total of white farmer murders in SA. Her blog is not exclusively focused on SA.

There have been other SA blogs but they have slowly been shut down by the ANC.

Dedicated_Dad said...

If the Boers were black, they'd have called it "seven" a long time ago.

I can't for the life of me comprehend why those poor folk don't sell what they can and stow away on the next ship out!

Non Moffie Texan said...

My kin have all either got out to Botswana or Commonwealth Nations.

I don't cry about it a bit, and I don't blame one of my best amigos for going to NZ instead of the USA because their "NFA" laws are easier to deal with and he rides with decent PDWs when he isn't at his shop.

Bonus for people that only read your article: When firearms were limited, sales of Pangas and Machetes skyrocketed and it's pretty impossible to have a FAC for anything even approaching Black Powder in most districts unless you are a guide. Glad I spent my time in RSA and neigboring regions before it all went to hell and all my friends went expat. Remember, as I said before, sometimes there is a DAMN GOOD REASON to go expat. Being outnumbered is one of them. I'd rather live in Angola than Kenya or RSA. Feel free to qupte me on that. Botswana is the only sub-Saharan country that hasn't made a mess of itself. Angola is enough wild west that you can still defend yourself, but GOD help you if you go before a judge for doing so in either.--Tom

Anonymous said...

This would be a great opportunity for Potok - Dee`s and associates to broaden their horizon's. It should'nt be that hard to weasel their way into the system over there. I mean , they ARE from the " approved cast of character`s " list and wear the proper " party member " lapel pin`s. Why, they could even go to warlord Odinga, and announce " We are here to insure the right`s of minorities ! ".

Anonymous said...

More news from "The Continent".

Bet it wuz them Amish Afrikaans who committed all these acts, eh?

Wyn said...

Sjælland even down to myth was always Denmark. In fact by bridges it is connected to Danmark und Sweden. It is also in the language etymology. The giantess ordered her berserkers to drag a piece of land, and that island was called Zealand or Zeeland. It was never Dutch in the modern sense, and is still not a part of de Nederlanden.

All elementary if you read are literature from the Middle Ages.

Now as to the rest of the post fine, but do not claim Zealand as a land that was never apart of that tribe.