Friday, August 31, 2012

David Codrea: BLM declares Burning Man Second Amendment-free zone.

"It’s not like crimes of violence, particularly sexual assault and rape are unheard of there, and Mr. Seidlitz’s edict is silent on any responsibility or duty to protect those he demands be defenseless. His notice does admit 'Actions by a few participants at previous events have resulted in law enforcement and public safety incidents similar to those observed in urban areas of similar-size populations,' documenting that he knows people he is disarming may be exposed to physical danger."


Anonymous said...

“The prohibitions above shall not apply to county, state, tribal, and Federal law enforcement personnel, or any person authorized by Federal law to possess a weapon,"

Duh - there is this Federal Law that has been around quite a while which recognises the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Think it is called the Bill of Rights (2nd Amendment) - or am I wrong?


Anonymous said...

An edict best ignored by carrying concealed.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

While I agree whith the gist of the article and the comments posted, the bottom line is that "they" can get away with anything we let them get away with. So far that has proven to be just about any damn thing they want to pull.

Anonymous said...

While I agree Constitutional infringements are troublesome are we really sure that trustees of LSD,PCP,Hashish,Crystal Meth etc are folks we want to be handling loaded firearms?

Of course doing so could prove to an "educational " moment point to the drugged out hippy that just blew his/her own foot off & tell the kids don't let this happen to you stay clean,sober & in school.

"V" said...

Ive been defying Unconstitutional laws all my life by carrying a concealed gun in a State the refuses to recognize the 2nd Amd. So, should I choose to attend Burning Man, I'll continue my lawlessness & urge other to do so as a way of protesting Unconstitutional laws..

Howie Honky said...

Given the overall depravity, degenerate behavior, excessive drug and alcohol use and blatant displays of perversion at burning man festivals, ( if you have never seen one, check it out online) there are two thoughts that occur:
1. Most of the psychopathic dregs who participate would not know which end of a gun to hold; and being mostly hoplophobes, they wouldn't care.
2. I would tend to just cordon the area off with nine-foot fences and let them have at it, and whoever managed to straggle out at the end would be the ones with at least soem survival skills. The majority would draown in their sea of feces, vomit, used condoms, STDs and drug overdoses. No great loss either way.

"V" said...

Message to so called "comment Moderator" (read here CENSOR for PC Compliance).
Suggestion: RE you requirement 4 Proof ur not a "robot". Has it ever occurred to U that the letters required 4 verification R often IMPOSSIBLE 2 read & must B reentered 5, 6 ,7 or even more times? How about using a little common sense & using readable characters. Or does that make 2 much sense 4 U?

pdxr13 said...

Burning Man is a Temporary Non-American Zone, that happens to exist inside the borders of the State of Nevada. you don't have rights while there, according to the ticket language. You have the privilege of being there after buying a ticket, as enforced by BM Staff, BLM armed guards, NV State Police, etc.

AFAIK, the event started out as a "no rules" event, but folks got themselves killed by various predictable and stupid means. The legend remains but there are now very many many rules to ensure the safety and profitability of the event for the operators. No vending or selling is allowed for any reason: a perfect communism of wealthy high people.

Recommend not going to this part of NV during the "festival". June is actually nicer, and you can spend the money saved on a set of tires, ammo, and a good cleaning when you get home (playa dust is really hard on vehicle electrical systems).


Anonymous said...

Honky , I think you're confusing Burning Man with the Folsom Street Fair , SF's attempt at "commerce" (a street festival of open debauchery)

Zombietime documented it quite well .

Anonymous said...

I've gone to Burning Man 4 times (skipped this year) and my wife and I are both Michigan CPL holders. We drive through many states to get there. And we like being protected. Nuff said ;)