Tuesday, August 21, 2012

David Codrea Exclusive: Facts of Shipley case lead to some conclusions, much speculation

"While such questions are necessary and understandable, much of the speculation is unlikely to be answered without further investigation by those with the resources, and most importantly, the inclination to do so. Unless and until that happens, to include pressure to investigate by some of the political figures the family has approached, this story will be relegated to a niche readership. John Shipley’s story will remain unknown, and gun collectors and hobbyists, including those in law enforcement, will continue to remain at risk due to arbitrary interpretations of the law, self-serving prosecutions, and a “watchdog press” that all too often seems content to nap at government’s feet and reserve its snarling for those who get too close."


Anonymous said...

Another case where if it were carried through, it'd reveal that "The emperor has no clothes".

That the DOJ, the ATF, etc have been running free of any kind of leash for decades, and that it is too late to try and put them back on that "leash".

I doubt you'll see any real results from cases like this, the Reese case, even the whole F&F scandal, because it would implicate decades of politicians who let this chicanery occur under their watch.
Sad to say, but I don't think you can trust the government to govern itself. Let alone rule in a just manner in cases like this.

Pericles said...

Notice how quickly they eat their own. Something the Feds reading this might want to consider.