Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another country heard from . . . redefining "racist nutjob."

Michael Z. Williamson comments on Major General Jerry Curry's questions about recent massive ammunition purchases by Janet Napolitano's DHS:
He's a truther, a birther, a racist nutjob and an 0bama's-a-Muslim ranter with little background. His statements on firearms indicate little knowledge. The amounts in question are perfectly reasonable for agencies of the size in question. Nice to see the loons create drama where none existed.
Assuming that MZW is calling MG Curry a "racist nutjob" because the ignorant moke believes that the general does not like the color of Obama's skin, he evidently doesn't know exactly who Jerry Curry is. Here's a CNN interview about Curry's experiences in the United States Army after the order to desegregate came down from Harry Truman.


johnnyreb said...

I submit that they know exactly who and what he is, and what he believes.

He's the kind of black man the libs hate and fear.

Hard work? Rewarding effort and accomplishment? Appreciates the opportunity he's had? No mention of qoutas or affirmative action?

Just who in the Hell does this Uncle Tom think he is anyway?

Grantmeliberty said...

Something is confusing me here. The only Michael Z Williamson I am aware of posts on Survivalblog and I can't see him dissing General Curry. Could it be an aliasing job? The other side trying to sow dissent in the ranks?

Seremzh said...

The only Micheal Z Williamson I know of is a very libertarian author (

You can see his opinion of the collectivist gun grabbers:

Anonymous said...

Grant, no it's off his FB page. Saw it when he posted it. Have engaged in discussion to see wtf his problem is as normally he's not retarded or prone to exaggerated hand wringing like this.