Saturday, August 18, 2012

David Codrea Exclusive: Documents show prejudicial tactics helped result in Shipley conviction

David Codrea sends this link along with this prefatory request:
Today's Gun Rights Examiner report looks at how prosecutorial misconduct on the back end forms a perfect pincer strategy with the front-end "enforcement" practice of turning a blind eye to guns being trafficked to Mexico. It is the fourth installment of a heavily-documented series begun this week that I hope to conclude by tomorrow or Monday.
Please share the link, as, like with Gunwalker when we were first trying to get people to notice, this is an important story the mainstream press has no interest in people learning about.


CowboyDan said...

I read David's post. Some people need to lose their jobs, their law licenses and probably go to jail for a few years.

It's one more project for you guys, but who better? You've kicked ass on F& F, so go for it.

Has the El Paso press picked up on it? I may be able to help out with that; they feel left out that they dropped the ball on the gunwalking.

rdf67 said...

Ah that due process thing - the requirement for the government to tell the truth. When they get caught red-handed, why isn't there a jail term for such conduct? Oh yeah - the Legislature would have to condemn it and DOJ would OBJECT to such a law!