Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time to trade those kirpans for something more potent.

"Temple massacre has some Sikhs mulling gun ownership."


Anonymous said...

Gurdev Singh Mann, the president of a Sikh temple in Renton, Wash., agreed about gun laws.

"Gun laws should be more strict. When giving guns to people, it's better if we check with a judge, look at their behavior and everything," he said

Who the Hell let this piece of trash into my country? Who the Hell does he think he is saying this about my Constitutionally enumerated human rights?

This story also brought up something I've been saying for year, the whole "cops take time to get there, so we need arms to defend ourselves" qualification. The left thinks of this as a challenge, and they are taking us up on it. Think about what this really means.

Anonymous said...

This attack certainly underlines the old addage: "Never take a knife to a gun fight".

Time to trade those Kirpans for something more appropriate for sure.

Kiwi III

Allen said...

I'd rather have the sikhs on my side than against me. same with ghurkas.

both are loyal friends and fearsome foes.

Anonymous said...

Two recent gun-saved-the-day against killer with a blade stories.



pdxr13 said...

It's time for Sikh's to add some more effective tools to the obligation to defend self and others. Guns, body armor, general security techniques as developed during the past couple hundred years around the world. If they are serious about the religious obligation, they will do this. If they aren't serious about the obligation, and are more concerned with carrying the kiripan as decoration, then they will get what the world has waiting for them as vain followers of a false religion that can't live up to their own teachings.