Sunday, August 12, 2012

GOP-led House Oversight Committee to file contempt suit against AG Eric Holder.

"CBS News has learned that the House Oversight Committee expects to file a civil contempt suit against Attorney General Eric Holder Monday. The lawsuit is to try to force Holder to release documents from the Fast and Furious gunwalking operation."


Anonymous said...

Too little too late.

G.J said...

We have to think some more about this topic we need to have put some light on this topic as well.


Anonymous said...

Look for more staged mass-shootings as diversionary tactics.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, just a thought. Isn't the Court system part of the Judicial Branch..right along with the Department of Justice? In all cases where the DOJ is representing the Government as a defendent..that always seemed like a "conflict of interest" to me(especially the Tax Court) After all..who pays the Judges paycheck..the DEFENDENT! DOH! Kind of like the Mafia owning Judges...
And they call it a "justice" system? bwhahahahahahahahahahah!
I call it fucking absurd.

BTW, ever investigated or researched the Income Tax? After spending 5 years researching it and the Federal Reserve myself..I came to one's the largest fraud ever perpetuated on the American people in history. One little tidbit. Search Trust62, and it will take you down a bottomless rabbit hole. I could tell you things to research, like particular court cases where the Judge threw the Rule of Law in the trash can, which is why I posed the question above, but once you open this pandora's box, you will come to understand the bottom line...the Income Tax is simply extortion by a Cartel with a gun pointed at your head. And they WILL kill you..if you resist. Or put you away mercilessly, as the Government routinely makes examples out of people to keep the citizenry in fear. One last note..see Bill Benson, his book "the law that never was", and the Supreme Court. Once you understand the depth they go to keep this whole fraud from being exposed...then you will understand the reality of the existence of the Oligarchy, the Fed, etc etc. If ever there was an example of reality being more bizarre than fiction...this is it. Good luck.

btw, ever wonder where your money goes when it is deducted from your paycheck or you pay your tax direct? The bottomless pit...Trust62.

Anonymous said...

Why should Congress be forced to sue an administration,one that promised to be the most transparent in history,to obtain documents involved in a Congressional investigation?

Why should Brian Terry's family be forced to watch this administration hide documents that may hold clues as to who is responsible for a program that cost him his life?

Why does this administration refuse to cooperate with an investigation that involves gun running to Mexican drug gangs,without knowledge of the Mexican government,which resulted in over 300 known deaths in Mexico?

Anonymous said...

Why are we still stuck on 300 ?

With the outright theft of a good portion of the weapons in the foreign military sales program (which increased exponentially from 2009- 2010) the number must surely be in the tens of thousands by now .

I think I just answered my own question .