Thursday, August 30, 2012

For those times when Mayor Bloomberg gets out of his limo?

Frustrated Upper West Side Resident Hangs "Rat Crossing" Signs.


Holden McGroin said...

I guess the sign was too small to include the full title of the mayor - Rat Bastard.

David Forward said...

My bad...I thought that sign was put up by responsible citizens to show where Bloomberg and other nannies were safe to pass through the benighted unwashed masses they are trying to control.

Anonymous said...

EPA moved last year to make many rat poisons unavailable at the consumer level. Now rat populations are exploding, and people have fewer options to protect their homes.

Government's poison control push was sold to the public the same way gun grabbers try to pitch gun contol. It's going to make us all safer, they claim.

Don't believe their bunk.

Anonymous said...

Placard for next NY mayoral election:

Sewer Rat
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