Monday, February 8, 2010

Restore the Constitution Open-Carry Rally -- 19 April 2010 -- Fort Hunt National Park, VA

Pete at WRSA beat me to this, but I can tell you that among the speakers will be Bob Wright and me. Get set for fire and brimstone from the dais.


Restore the Constitution Open-Carry Rally -- 4/19/10 -- Fort Hunt National Park, VA

Details here;

essentials are:

Mission Statement/ FAQ’s

Mission: The mission of the “Restore the Constitution” rally is that it be held at a firearms carry-legal location as close to DC as possible and that it attracts as many participants as possible in order to underscore the seriousness and urgency of a simple message:

Restore the Constitution!

See the planning/networking site Muster Outside DC 4-19-2010 for updates and planning discussions on possible locations.

UPDATE, 1-20-2010:

When: 9AM-5PM, April 19th, 2010 (Monday)

Where: Ft. Hunt National Park, Northern VA

What: “Restore the Constitution” rally/ Muster Outside D.C.

Details: Staging area will be Ft. Hunt National Park, located about 12 miles south of DC. Participants will gather there, and a speaking program will be provided. From there, participants will have the opportunity to travel in small convoys up to Gravelly Point Park so they can “step up to the edge.” Gravelly Point Park is right on the Potomac, about a mile from the National Mall in DC.

Scope: 4-19-10 rally at Gravelly Point Park, Virginia 10:30AM to 5 pm, although park hours are from 8 AM to dark. Gravelly Point is, based on research so far, the closest carry-legal location to DC, although Ft. Hunt will need to be the initial staging area and rendezvous point. Participants can arrive at Ft. Hunt as early as 9AM to get started, and the main speaking program will begin at 10AM, as the convoys begin going back and forth between Ft. Hunt and Gravelly Point.

Updates: Go here for the latest.

Speakers: Under final confirmation; you will want to be there to hear these speakers!

Contact: Email to volunteer or for more information.


Brock Townsend said...

Maybe I'll find you this time. :) (DC March) We ought to arrange a dinner that night like the Oathkeeper's one after the march.


Interesting the letters that popped up for word verification were MOSIN! M44 Wednesday, and I ordered the two brakes.

Anonymous said...

Mike, How about putting the hellfire and brimstone on a youtube video for those of us that can't be there?

Robert Fowler said...

Is it just coincidence, or deliberate planning that this and the Second Amendment March are at the same time? I hope the turnout for both is great enough for the congresscritters to take notice. Best of luck,
Robert Fowler
Iowa State Coordinator
Second Amendment March
Oath Keeper

Anonymous said...

Are liberals with guns also allowed to show up. We are surprisingly numerous, and equally eager to DEFEND ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Fort Hunt is public property. I am a citizen who wishes to be protected from morons like you whose sole purpose in having guns is to be able to kill innocent people. I live in Farifax, Virginia and I pay the taxes that maintain this park. WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE. FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO GO. HOW MUCH CLEARER CAN WE BE?

Yikes McGee said...

I believe we all have the right to own guns, but along with rights come responsibilities. Where is the responsibility on your part? Just because you lost an election you think you have the right to "muster" outside the capital? The Constitution works when the majority elects a President and he takes office without a lot of sore losers threatening him and his party with gun violence. You got to vote, didn't you? That's all we get. Sometimes we have to wait 4 or 8 years to be really happy again. But most of us deal with it. Sore losers and crybabies don't deal that well with it. You obviously do not understand the Constitution, and you display incredible disrespect for it, and for your fellow citizens. How dare you threaten the duly elected president or the majority who elected him? We are a nation of laws. There are laws and institutions to help protect the Constitution; how dare the losers of an election assume that they have the right or the numbers to step in under that premise and threaten to nullify an election? Unfortunately you think you can do it because you have guns. But as the rebels found out back in the 1860's, (including all my ancestors!) the U.S. Military stays with the White House. Let's hope it never comes to that again.
I voted for Obama, and YOU DO NOT INTIMIDATE ME!

Anonymous said...

quite typical from the liberal
( Socialist ) moron. a perfect example of why our country is in the state it is in. There obviously is no need to even think about trying to intimidate your likes you know whatyour kind are trying to do to this god loving country.. otherwise you would not be spewing that kind of poison. we exercise our constitutional rights something you should practice more often better yet take a real history lesson have someone read the constitution to you a constitutionalists that way you hear it at least accurately!! get out of denial other wise you awaking you think is bad now will be worse. your ineligible individual whom sits in my fore fathers house in Washington has used 39 different ss numbers is about to be tried and judged for the highest treason in our land. i would sell my ass to be there at that verdict and when it is handed down.. your kind make me sick! Your kind do not deserve the liberties so many have invested so much into and died for. your kind are willing to give up constitutional rights and civil liberties for security you in my opinion do not deserve nothing. where in the constitution does it say that the government is responsible for your safety? Constitutional and moral Americans are the reason why the country has managed to stay in tack to this date thank god for Americans like ourselves who are standing up to this dictatorship and tyranny.80% of Americans do not trust and like the direction this illegal administration is taking this country unconstitutionally.your kind have a serious mental issues and a hell of a reality check and awakening coming. its called restoring the constitution... it will be done! DON'T TREAD ON ME.. It is past hand holding time..You can continue to like to yourself to justify your conscious in the end the people will stand and prove your kind are a bigger minority than you realize.. Bring on more Grand Juries!

Anonymous said...

Our constitutional rights have been trampled on. The elected officials feel guilty what they are doing, and acting like they don't hear us, (We the people). And anyone who sets back and lets them take away our rights as they are trying to do, you yourself must be one of them. How dare you even consider yourself an American citizen. People came from around the world to come here because this is the land of the free, not supressed by people like their gov'ts. And now our gov't is doing the same, how dare you side with the ones who is trying to destroy this country. Your ancestors would side with us McGee. God bless OUR country and OUR people.

Anonymous said...

About what percentage of Americans are nutters like you lot?