Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What Pete said.


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I do my part. I find stuff, sometimes single articles, sometimes a group of related ones in the same mailing. I send to my friends , who send to theirs, who send get the idea. I use your site, Pete's and American Thinker for a lot of stuff.

BTW I linked to your article at JPFO instead of here because I did not want them to miss the video, etc.

Sample follows:

I had to think long and hard before sending this one. As you will see, these articles are not very complimentary of our police forces, although they recognize and call to task the good officers that are out there to speak up. Before condemning me as a police basher, let me qualify this with the following. My niece’s husband is an L.A. county sheriff, one of my shooting buddies is a San Diego sheriff, some of my re-enacting friends are, have been or worked closely with Law Enforcement Officers and I will probably actively campaign for Jay Lesuer for sheriff here in San Diego. That is why it is so difficult to send this. It is however, something that I feel you should be aware of.

Note that I said Law Enforcement Officers in one of the above sentences. As you will see if you read the articles and watch the video there is a difference in perception between the above title and what we used to know as Peace Officers. What finally drove me to send this (I have been sitting on some of these for weeks) is the final piece which I found in of all places, a financial website. That and my growing alarm at the increased militarization of the police forces over the last few years. Yes, I know that there is a need because of the growing problem of well armed gangs, and you can probably blame the shootout with the SLA so many decades ago as the root cause, but there seems to be an attitude shift in the relations between LEO’s and the general public.

First, follow the link below to the JPFO website and read Mike Vanderbough’s “An Open Letter to American Law Enforcement”. Then at the bottom of the article, follow the link to the video and watch. It’s about an hour long but a real eye opener. Think of it as a TV special report, that may make it easier to watch. The part in the video that disturbs me the most, aside from the treatment of the victims at the hands of LEO’s is the active closing of ranks on the part of the police and the persecution by the police of people attempting to request information on how to file a complaint against an officer. The comments and survey are worth a look also.

Then read “Where Are The New Ellsbergs?” from Pete over at Western rifle shooters. You’ll get a bit of a history lesson on who Ellsberg was but it will tie in at the end.

Next read “Acting Like Serfs, Treated Like Serfs” by Larkin Rose. An interesting take on the attitude shifts and symbiotic relationship between the LEO’s and the public in general that leads to this shift.

Finally, read the one that prompted me to send this. Carl Denningers’s “How Long Before You Wake Up, Politicos?” It’s a disturbing revelation of where the country could be headed after today’s disclosure of AIG’s tampering with Greece ’s finances and the EU, but he too has noticed the change in the police. I may not necessarily agree with his take on the war on drugs but if you can come up with a better solution or cause and effect, be sure to let someone know.

If you want more info on abuse of authority on the part of those set in judgment over us, go to David Codrea’s website and read up on the “Only Ones”. He has been following this trend for years and has amassed an amazing amount of articles. Just in case you thought these were isolated incidents in the video.

After all that I still had a hard time hitting the send button. Here it comes.