Sunday, February 7, 2010

Irregular looking to join an Absolved Reading Circle in West Virgina.

Soldier's reading circle, Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Received this today:


I'm looking to find someone/s more knowledgeable than I am to train with in north-central WV. Do you have any contacts in the area you can get me in contact with? I've shot Expert on the Army Qualification Test with Appleseed, but there's nothing like target selection/detection, stalking, land navigation, movement, etc. I have no military experience. Any help would be appreciated.

Keep your powder dry,

In Liberty,

--- Kevin P.

Israeli Defense Force reading circle.

Anyone else in his area of WV looking for a reading circle to join? Email me and I'll link you up.



Anonymous said...

It wouldn't hurt to have a platform to identify and link up reading circles all throughout the nation.

Heck, my neighbor could be reading the same books I am but we may never know it! Think of the missed opportunities to share, discuss, and implement!

Anonymous said...

Might ask around here.

Jay Stang said...

I'm not the smartest man in the world, but those look like Marines doing the reading in the first picture, not soldiers.

Happy D said...

And speaking of books. How much longer do we have to wait?
I am getting low on reading material here.

Uncle Lar said...

I'll submit a plug for reading materials from Baen publishing. They specialize in science fiction, particularly the subgenre known as military SF. They are also known for pioneering non DRM electronic format release of all their new books for a fraction of what the equivalent hard back book costs.
At their website,, they maintain a large free library of past releases from many of their authors available for download at no charge.
I would especially recommend John Ringo, David Weber, David Drake, Mike Williamson, and Tom Kratman as authors who have all seen the elephant and brought that experience to their writings.