Tuesday, February 9, 2010

County Mounties used as Federal Butt Boys

County Sheriff Deputy in a certain county of a certain western state demonstrates the occupational hazards of federal bootlicking.


I received this email from a reader in a western state. I have redacted the county and state because he doesn't wish to make this a public case just yet. However, I think this case needs to be highlighted. You will see why when you read below.


-----Original Message-----
From: Patrick (REDACTED)
To: GeorgeMason1776@aol.com
Sent: Mon, Feb 8, 2010 4:21 pm
Subject: Should I be concerned?

Hi Mike,

I have been hitting your site for well over a year, everyday basis now that I am retired, I'll be 60 in March.

I am a Threeper and my question to you is, do I have anything to worry about?

Here is what happened, I have been emailing the White House since O got elected and have been hammering them on their marxist czars, Pelosi, Reid, pretty much expressing my First Amendment rights.

I have never made any threats, just things like, "we the people are wolverines and if you don't stop your socialist move, we will rip your ball off" pretty funny I thought.

So last Friday, two REDACTED County Sheriffs show up at my home (south of REDACTED), they tell me the FBI said I made threats against Pelosi, I wrote "off with her head" a joke related to her being "Queen Nancy".

Well, I told them that I didn't think that was a threat, they told me to knock it off and next time they won't ring the doorbell and I could end up in Ft. Leavenworth.

So now I have a FBI folder on me, phone could be tapped, computer spying? is that true?

One question I have is, I am not concerned about the phone tap, that would be some boring eavesdropping.

Will I have a problem flying?, "no fly list" etc.

Really, if they came after me, what do they do to the real threats they receive , truly the morons I believe them to be.

Also the sheriffs asked me about guns I own, did I have an AR 15,( I was REAL vague in that area) who I lived with, (my wife).

I decided to be polite and not give them any grief, but I felt like telling them, they should check out the Oathkeepers.

These young cops are scary as I don't think they understand the CONSTITUTION and that is how all of this started.

Obama and his clowns will NOT destroy the CONSTITUTION and that is when I got involved doing my part fighting these marxists.

I guess I hit a raw nerve.

So, Mike, what is your expert advise on what I have described to you and do I have anything to concern myself with.

I am a law abiding tax paying citizen and feel my rights have been intruded upon, even though I started the emails, there is a First Amendment.

Thanks in advance, Mike for letting me know what grounds I stand on and should I be concerned with the feds. What can they do? I am writing you because no one I know has the knowledge in this that you do, and I need answers that will either put me at ease, or? and that's why your advise is needed.

Thanks again Mike.


My reaction to Patrick via email:

My first reaction would have been, "So, you're REDACTED County, right? What are you doing carrying the FBI's water for? If the FBI has a frigging question for me, why didn't they come themselves? Or are they trying to get you guys used to being their servile mokes?"

THEY (REDACTED County deputies) don't have the authority to enforce federal law. THEY don't know anything about you but what their FBI masters deigned to tell them. Are they used to taking cases on that basis? Since when did Eric Holder die and leave THEM in charge of First Amendment issues? The Constitution has a lot to say about the walls between local, state and federal law enforcement, and where each authority derives. REDACTED County doesn't take orders directly from the Imperial federals -- do they want to explain in court why they think they do? Do they REALLY want to explain why they're federal bootlickers in public in a case regarding political speech?

Then tell them, "You know, if you do ANYTHING in this case that blows back on you, the Fibbies will leave you simpletons hanging out to dry and will blame everything on you. Are you REALLY that stupid to risk THAT?"

You want protection? Get public and dare them to do damn all about it.

If county mounties came to anybody here in Alabama and did that they'd be laughed off the porch.

I'd LOVE to shine a light on these bastards.


Folks, if this happens to you, start by asking them for their AUTHORITY to ask you such questions and then (after they fumble around trying to answer that question and finally saying "because I said so"), SHUT UP, LAWYER UP, and dare them to pursue it. -- MBV


Anonymous said...

I think the biggest lesson here is to leave these bureaucrats alone. I know we all have the right to free speech, but why give them a target? I used to write my congressman and senators all the time. What a waste.
This current group of marxists and criminals are not going to listen to anyone who disagrees with them. They will just marginalize them. In the case of REDACTED, they will open a file on them, surveill them, sic the IRS on them(I saw this happen in CA after 9/11), or do a "boot and shoot". The time for talking is over, people. It's time to network with fellow threepers, guard your tongues and writings, and prepare for the government's next move.

The Packetman said...

Maybe Patrick needs to have a sit-down with the sheriff ..... find out how committed they are to doing FBI flunky work.

Anonymous said...

Good advice to respond by demanding answers to certain questions...especially when it starts out "By what authority...".

Unknown said...

While I agree wholeheartedly that these deputies were acting outside the scope of their authority, and that the FBI itself certainly should have more important things to do than to harass someone who was clearly expressing nothing more than a rather barbed political opinion - and NOT making any kind of credible threat - there is also something to be said for being the "gray man." IOW, not calling attention to one's self, blending in, not giving any potential enemy knowledge of your existence, let alone your intentions.

This man certainly has rights, as do we all. Under our political system, we can all express whatever level of displeasure with the existing officials that we please. I just question whether it is tactically or strategically wise to do so in such an obvious way. Now this guy has a file, and will be among the first questioned in the event some incident of violence occurs in his vicinity - whether he did something or not. Again, he has the right - but apparently one also has the right to be stupid. Just my $0.02.

Anonymous said...

At the least, Patrick should file a complaint with his local Sheriff for harrassment(at the least) and force a sit down discussion with said Sheriff about his legal duties as County Sheriff. Have an attorney friend with you as a witness and let it rip. Do NOT go alone.

Patrick, you might also consider finding a Sheriff in your state who does understand his duties and have a telecon; Sheriff in question, Constitutional Sheriff, you and your lawyer. Did I say DO NOT go alone?

First order of business is to get the local Sheriff turned around and if you can't, get the SOB turned out in the next election and replaced with a Constitutionally minded individual.

Lastly, continue writing letters, but leave out anything that could be constituted as a physical threat. Keep it political-at least at this point, unless you are prepared to be dragged into the rigged King's court. Pick your battles carefully and ones that you've a high likelihood of winning (Sun Tzu).

Bob Katt

Anonymous said...

e fibbies have a way of dictating to locals what is going on in their own jurisdiction. I believe sexual deviance,drugs, and of course your ubiquitous guns charges, real or contrived are the primary mode.

The locals usually take their word for it, and proceed to harassment. Local police as a tool of national coersion, lovely.

Corporate policing is a double entendre.

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

Mike, you say you would have asked, "What are you doing carrying the FBI's water for?"

The answer may lie in whatever "fusion center" is close by:



atexan said...

Never talk to the cops. Nothing good will come out of it.

Carl said...

Excellent advice, Mike. Shut up and lawyer up. They can ask whatever questions they want, but you have no need to answer them. And it's a shame he didn't tell them about Oath Keepers, but then again these kids are the product of our public education gulag and don't know diddly about the Constitution. Even some of the older officers have fallen prey to Marxist indoctrination. These young upstarts need to remember that youth and strength will never overcome age and treachery. Never pick a fight with an old man; if he's too tired to fight, he'll just kill you. Us old guys play to win at any cost.

Anonymous said...

With respect to Patrick's experience; This seems to be a typical response when tyranny is challenged.

Their goal is that you cower under the implied threat of force so as to sit down and shut up.

To them, a free individual who proudly and publicly speaks their mind IS the real threat.

I wonder how much a CCTV camera might have affected the conversation?


Anonymous said...

You might recommend that he buy Sheriff Mack's book, write a dedication on the fly leaf and hand deliver it to the Sheriff's office. He'd probably get a kick out of doing that, I know I would.

PS: and maybe hand out some III-Per shoulder patches...

cj428 said...

I found things Wrong. There were threats made. Threats aginst obama are investigated by secret service,not fbi. So who put the county mounties on to this guy. Feds are jelous of their teritory, and ss like going out in field and, making bust.

Anonymous said...

Well, if they thought the threat was real they would not have sent the locals.

Kay Barr said...

Hey, Federale -
If they thought the threat was real, they would have called in FBILon Whore-a-hootchie, of Ruby Ridge fame, to murder the guy's family and if possible, their dog.

Anonymous said...

i suspect the deputies were giving a surreptitious warning as a local favor. i was visited by the ss; the secret service because a neighbor, who didn't like me, told them i had threatened the decider.
they came with two local deputies as well, in the role as native guides and backup. the deputies were in bullet proof vests. the ss were in business garb.
it may be part of the goal of causing us to be afraid of exercising our legal rights.
it does go a long way towards displaying how the national story of freedom of speech, among other freedoms, are in actuality a sham.
like the frog in a pot of water on the stove, we are getting used to being herded into the corral.

Anonymous said...

Fugg em...man this is wrong, these poor sods (county boys) obviously have no idea what the Constitution says...maybe we should run a protest and school them? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Every podunk little town throughout the land has been given toys (surplus helicopters, tanks, guns, training) by the feds at Quantico.
The local yokals all think it is such a thrill to be invited and wouldn't dream of turning the offer down. They think it is a privilege and an honor to be treated to these luxuries by the supreme feds. They feel like they have ht the big time.
Then the favor must returned, because any recipient of a benefit is then beholden to the granter of said benefit.

Anonymous said...

Oh man... the stories I have.

True Story (i'm a lawyer):

Friend calls me to help him out. Says he wrote an email, with a certain word in it (no, nothing bad), to his pastor. It was either "intercepted" by or handed over, to DHS/FBI. DHS and two local cops, who they claim were "federalized," show up on his doorstep. He politely tells them to leave.

He then said that the FBI contacted him to set up a meeting and "talk to him about his choice of words," and would I "go with him to their office."

I told him in no uncertain terms that 1) he would not be meeting with them, in their office, or outside; and 2) that he did nothing illegal and only bad things can come out of meeting with them. I then proceeded to explain how any minute little lie to a fed agent WILL be used against him, and it didn't matter how small. Remember Martha Stewart?

There is apparently some provision of fed law wherein a local sheriff/deputy/cop can be federalized (feralized??) and be a federal agent. I have had not the time nor the inclination to look it up.

My response in ALL of these cases is the same. Say nothing. You are under NO obligation to speak to them. Period. End of story. You will not be able to talk your way "out" of anything with them, and you WILL cause problems for yourself.

IF they had probable cause for a warrant, they would get one or arrest you, and well, then they wouldn't need you to come speak to them or show them around your house.

Anonymous said...

A neighbor who retired from (major metropolitan police force) after 20+ years says that ALL leo's have been 'federalized' since 9/11.

Best advice is to keep our opinions to ourselves. It is both strategically and tactically wise. We need the element of surprise in the upcoming 'game'. Do NOT reveal ANYthing about your attitude, hardware, abilities, etc. to anybody outside of a small unit - and maybe not even them. Maybe not even the little lady, unless she is training with you. Then NEVER piss her off, because info WILL be used against you.

From one who has had the experience.

Anonymous said...


My hat is off to you sir.
You have every right to say anything you wish within the boundary of law, and there's nothing the Govt can do about it.
I sent Pelosi an email once, and it wasnt nice either, I got no visit from the thugs though, which has me wondering, what did I do wrong? Maybe I wasnt as colourful as you were...I dont know. In any event, it sounds like the FEDs just wanted to rattle the chains a little. I would not lose sleep over it.