Saturday, February 27, 2010

SPLC is about to do another hit piece on me. My reasonable response.


I learned from WVTM the other day that SPLC is doing another hit piece on me. I had already agreed to do an interview with them to discuss the Southern Preposterous Lie Center when I received this:

Sent: Fri, Feb 26, 2010 1:23 pm
Subject: interview request

Mr. Vanderboegh:

I am writing an article about you and the Three Percenters for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report magazine. I wanted to speak to you about the organization and to fact check some details. I won’t need much of your time. I can be reached at the number below during normal business hours.

Thank you for your time,

Jamie Kizzire
Southern Poverty Law Center
(334) 956-8264

I responded, quite reasonably I thought given past history, thusly:

Sent: Fri, Feb 26, 2010 9:39 pm
Subject: Re: SPLC interview request

My dear Jamie,

Piss on you lying bastards and the fact-challenged horse you rode in on. What do you need my input for? You scum-suckers have been lying about, eliding and conflating the facts about me and my friends for 15 years now. You do just fine making it up as you go along. Tell the Montgomery castrato, your boss Potok, that the only things I want to talk to you pukes about are:

a.the snitch you had inside Elohim City in 1995 and why he didn't warn us of the ARA plot to blow up the OKC federal building and

b. why you bottom feeders gave political cover in the NYT to those racist pukes in the ATF at the time of the Good O' Boys Roundup by lying about the validity of the Gadsden Minuteman tape.

I'll tell you what. You be awful careful this time about what you write, because -- unlike the 90s or even a few years ago when you dubbed me a "nativist" (as if you knew what that word meant) -- I now have volunteer lawyers who are itching to sue your ass. And I guarantee you, I'll find discovery one hell of a lot more fun than you will. Maybe we'll even finally get to the bottom of the Maureen Bass Dees divorce complaint. In fact, I'll ask for a jury made up of all Civil Rights foot solders. They HATE your lying, thieving, pimping, pasty white asses for sticking like leeches onto their righteous struggle. Southern "Poverty" Law Center indeed.

But by all means, you lying, conflationist bastards, have at it. Just don't expect me to assist you.

Oh, yeah. Thank you in advance for all the free publicity.

Mike Vanderboegh

c: to WVTM (see you Monday for the interview)


Anonymous said...

Mike, you called it right. Don't waste your time with those "Southern Profitable Lying Center" parasites. They already know what crap they are going to spew. The fact is, they are afraid of the 3%. Perhaps they should be.

Unknown said...

Mike, I literally spit out my coffee from an unexpected laugh attach when I read your emailed response. I love it. Let those bastards have it, and keep up the good work.

Holden McGroin said...

To quote one of the Scottish clan leaders to William Wallace -
"I'd say that was a bit less cordial than what they expected."
On the bright side - at least you didn't seem bitter!
Thanks for the only smile I've had in a long long time. Take care.

Pat H said...

An excellent response to one of the most slimy, corrupt institutions in America today.

I hope you took a shower after emailing them, you know, just in case something splashed out.

To SPLC anything not for the state, of the state, or by the state is racist, wrong, hateful, or one of their other epithets against liberty. SPLC would have been right at home in Mussolini's Italy, that's what they want for America.

Well, that, and continuing Morris Seligman Dees income stream.

Brock Townsend said...

You are to be commended for holding back your true feelings......!:)
(Did you get the brake?)

The Despicable $outhern Poverty Law Center 8 reports

thedweeze said...

Here's the URL for WVTM:

Please let us know when the piece airs, Mike.

Vatic Master said...

Just a note to say, thank you for most of America who have had to put up with their hatred of our nation.

When they attacked the American Indians at a press conference, I knew they were in the wrong country and needed to go back to where they came from.

That was an excellent letter. I guess there are still courageous and fearless people that exist in this nation, I was beginning to wonder about that.

Anonymous said...


Do you think you will get a response? Because OMG do I want to see one.

Alas, holding ones breath does not work.

Carry on my friend, seems the center is starting to come togther.

Keep the powder dry and your 6 covered.

In peace,


Ted said...

Pure awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

He, he that was funny. I reckon that's not response that was expected. I'd pay good money to see the reaction when that fine piece of scribery is read.

More power to you Mike!

WL Moses

Pericles said...

I've got to see this

Doc Enigma said...

Ya gotta quit coating things with sugar and start tellin' 'em straight!!!

Seriously though, good job!

Anonymous said...

Awesome response, couldn't help but laugh and scream out a nice & loud HELL YEAH! I would love to follow any possible lawsuits. Keep us posted. approves of this message. : )

Anonymous said...

I think you should speak plainly, and not beat around the bush. Just speak you mind in a manner that is impossible to misunderstand.

Subtlety is wasted on those with lesser intellect.

Scooter said...

Hmmmm...I think you are holding back in your response to him. You should just let it all out and tell him what you *really* feel.

Good job with it, though. I'm betting the scruffy little nerf-herder needed a dictionary to get through it all.

Duane Suddeth said...

Hey Mike, don't hold anything back. tell us how you really feel. =)

Scott said...

I love when your righteous anger meets your capacity for erudition, Mike.

I'm in the same boat as John what with coffee coming out. Just glad I didn't wake the baby ;)

Phil McGroin, Holden's Cuz said...

And btw, if any of the casual readers did NOT get the reference to Mo "Scrote" Dees divorce - may I suggest that they lookt that mess up on the web? If anyone did NOT know that the man is a pedophile, bisexual adulterer and pervert, they might be entertained by reading his second ex's testimony about the things that drove things to the divorce.

rexxhead said...

Anon @11.35 is wrong.

The center cannot hold...

Anonymous said...

Mike: yes, yes, and yes. However, we know all this all ready, okay. What I want to know is when is the next chapter going to be posted. That fly I was watching out on the porch finally died and if you don't hurry up I might join it before you finish scribbling...

waiting, waiting...


Steve K said...

Fantastic response. Though, a simple "NUTS!" may be appropriate if they contact you again.

Dedicated_Dad said...

You know, this caps it.

I LOVE you man!! (in only the most heterosexual, manly way -- of course!)

Seriously -- if there was any doubt about your pure distilled awesomeness, this just killed it D-E-A-D DEAD.

I look forward to being able to shake your hand someday!

One little quibble though: Too many references, not enough info! I'll Dog-pile up the "divorce" stuff, but any linkage as to the rest would be appreciated -- I'm sure I'm not the only Enquiring mind who wants to KNOW!!


Scott J said...

I suspect Jamie is some fresh out of college young skull full of mush with a liberal arts sort of degree.

He or she was assigned to "fact check" with you to give their hit piece some sort of due diligence cover to placate the sheeple.

I bet naive Jamie didn't expect to run into that buzzsaw and would have loved to have seen the look of shock on his or her face.

straightarrow said...

Their center can't hold, ours is coming together. In the meantime their flanking soldiers are sneaking off into the woods hoping no one remembers they marched with the bastards.

Their flanks are rapidly being exposed and their center is folding. Therefore, now is the time be wary of attack, because they will attack when desperate enough. If possible they will use a false flag operation as justification, much like Hitler did to Poland or Japan did in Manchuria.

Do not be too heartened by their seeming losses in the political and public forums. It only makes them more dangerous unless they believe us when we say there are no more free murders and abuses. As of yet, they do not believe us.

Anonymous said...

Oooorah!!! Tear 'em up Mike.

Anonymous said...

Andrew here...

Morris is cunning, slippery, and sociopathic. Not sure how lethal his paid minions are. Though we delight in Mike's enviably unsurpassed rhetoric, I suspect it best to continue watching Morris like a hawk. Decades ago, I was taught always to respect the enemy.

Lord Mornay said...

*said in a heavy Scottish accent*

That was rather less cordial than she was used to.